Asset Northern Star Review- Sustainable Project From Coevolve

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Asset Northern Star is one of the perfect residential enclaves by CoEvolve Group. Coevolve Review as a builders that offers homes filled with style, sophistication, comfort and contentment. Defining your status, this excellent blend of nature and opulence is hard to find at Sampigehalli, Bangalore. Outfitted with the latest and the best available amenities, these elegant living abodes are plush and comfortable with no compromise in luxury. Capable of enhancing the living standards of Indian families, asset northern star review as a conceptualized and designed for the residents to lead a cozy and lavish life.

More than 50+ amenities and ample greenery in the society, like roof top swimming pool, meditation zone, pool side bar counter.

IoT based sensors for water metering of individual homes - live tracking of water consumption.

A revolutionary Sewage Treatment Plant that does not use electricity. This means - no breakdowns, no electricity bills and minimal AMC costs.

High Performance Glass from Saint Gobain - keeps out heat while letting in light. This saves a lot on air conditioning costs.

Common area lighting controlled by timers and sensors for optimal performance.

Overall CNS is able to save 25.2million litres of fresh water annually, and 3 Lakh Kwhs (units) of electricity.

Advanced water engineering - reduces fresh water requirement by more than 50%. Results in huge savings in water purchase costs.

Vertical Garden across the building to increase the air quality as well to reduce the temperature inside the house.

Coevolve Review

Coevolve Review as best because they build a world with awareness of the interconnected nature of our existence, where creative innovation evolves into living beyond sustainability. Coevolve group Review Bangalore best people has been striving to create sustainable and environment-friendly homes that adhere to robust standards. All projects they develop utilize innovations in engineering, methodologies, and design with the ultimate goal of providing an atmosphere for balanced living. Their top projects Asset arcadia and Asset Bliss Reviews shows that these are created a special impression in Bangalore.

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Asset Northern Star Review- Sustainable Project From Coevolve
Last updated: Aug 26, 2019
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