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Jimin was going crazy. It's been a week. He's been going crazy for a week.
Was it even a week? 

He tossed and turned in his bed again. Every night was the same. It was a cold night but he was burning.

Those two strangers were still vivid in his mind like he saw them a second ago. He saw them every time he closed his eyes.

With a groan, Jimin kicked his blanket and sat up on his bed. He was a fool if he thought he could forget. He massaged his forehead, wishing he could just fall asleep. And possibly not dream of them. He didn't even need to sleep for God's sake, he was a vampire and he usually didn't sleep opting to spend his time doing funnier and more interesting things. But now he just wanted an hour of sleep. Just an hour of not having to think and see those two strangers.

But he obviously wasn't going to get any sleep tonight so he stood up and went towards the kitchen. He needed to quench his thirst. Recently his bloodlust was abnormally high. He was trying to control it, but the desire was just so sweet.

He opened the fridge and took out a blood bag. He sank his teeth into it and he distantly heard himself purr in content. Since he met those two human boys the high he got from it never lasted long enough but those few moments when he imagined he was sinking his teeth in their petit necks was enough to leave him spinning and feeling dizzy.

However, the feeling this time lasted significantly shorter. Jimin snapped his eyes open when the lights turned on.

He could see two figures in the armchair next to the couch.

"Again, Jimin?" The voice boomed in the silence of the night.

Jimin internally groaned and rolled his eyes while putting down the blood bag and trying to wipe away the blood on his face with his hand. The blood bag was still half full which was a shame to Jimin. To Jin though, it was already half empty and that was worrying. Jin stood up from his place on Namjoon's lap and walked over to Jimin.

"You've been drinking way too much lately Jimin. It's not good," the oldest lectured taking the blood bag in his hands. Needless to say, Jimin really wasn't in the mood for a repetition of that particular conversation. "Why are you two even here?" Jimin asked once Namjoon joined them.

The two olders shared a look and blushed slightly but Jimin still found them shameless. "I was just trying to distract Namjoon from work all the time," Jin answered.

"Thanks for that image," Jimin muttered avoiding looking at his hyungs. Namjoon was the leader of their clan, a king proclaimed by those under them. I was only fit for a king to have an equally as strong queen by his side. In Namjoon's case, that role fulfilled Seokjin, love of Namjoon's life. Seokjin always had firm opinions but was also more gentle in some situations, usually relying on his emotions and feelings. Paired with Namjoon, who was more of a logical person, always listening to reason, nobody could deny that they made a wonderful match and a great pair. Jimin loved them as their friend but he also deeply respected them. They often annoyed him, well them (him and Yoongi) but Jimin always admired their relationship while also being a little bit jealous of them. Jimin never loved someone outside his clan, his family. And he longed for that kind of relationship they had. And just thinking about love made two now very familiar figures flash in his mind. The soulmate legends also came to his mind again. Could it be true?

"Hey, hyungs," he stated causing two pairs of eyes to snap at him.

"What is it, Jimin?"

"How- how did it feel when you two met?"

"When we met?" Namjoon asked confused.

"Like, did you feel... anything... right away or?" Jimin tried to explain but he wasn't feeling confident enough and was unsure how to put what he wanted to ask into words.

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