Meant to be

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His eyes bright with worry.

His hair in his eyes.

His smile is non-existent.

He won’t smile.

He won’t laugh.

He is filled with dispair.

He needs help.

Yet he won’t accept it.

I want to help.

Yet he pushes me away.

I love him.

With every once of my being.

I want him.

I want to be his and only his.

I never want our love story to end.

I never want to let go of him.

I never want to say go.

Yet I know.

That he isn’t for me.

He doesn’t belong to me.

That I once again,

must tell him to go.

That I must let him go.

That our love story will.

come to a tragic end.

Just like Romeo and Juliet.

I can’t save my Romeo,

anymore than he can save his Juliet.

We weren’t meant to be...


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