His Forever

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Our love was new, fresh.

Our love was beautiful.

Our love was special.

Our love was ours.

You promised me forever.

I promised and a day.

You promised to love me for me.

I promised to love you for you.

I guess I wasn’t good enough for you,

Because you went on to her.

I guess I wasn’t beautiful enough for you.

Because you gave her my heart.

I guess I no longer was special to you,

Because you gave her the ring meant for me.

I guess you no longer love me,

Because she is now with your child.

So I forgot our love all together,

I forgot the magic that we were together,

I forgot it all.

And I met him.

He filled in the gap that was left by you,

He made me, me.

He knew the gap left by you was there,

But he fixed it to where I will never think of you again.

Now I’m married to him,

I’m his forever,

But you decide to try again,

Because she wasn’t what you thought.

But no more,

I will never be yours again,

Because thanks to you.

I’m now his!


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