Chapter 3

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Previously on The Fate...

Sid is excited to meet his new model who is gonna work with him in his project...
While on the other hand, Reem is deeply in love with Jai.. but doesn't know that Jai also loves him or not..

Now the story continues...

Faisu, avneet and vaishnavi reaches London at 4:00 PM.
They are very excited about how their life gonna changes in London..

While those three were walking along the street..

They crosses a library, so they thought just go through the library and see how beautiful is the library..

After getting inside the library, they we're walking through the library, Avneet sees a magazine, reads it and suddenly she bursts out....

The Librarian and Vaishu looks at her angrily. And Avneet says sorry to both of them and started reading another magazine..
But after some time, Avneet again bursts out and throws the magazine on the floor..
This time all the people present their were looking at Avneet...
Librarian was starting to getting up angrily but Faisu runs towards her and calms her down and says sorry to her..
And by that time, Vaishnavi drags Avneet out of Library.

Vaishu: WTF... Avu.. tum chilla kyon rhi ho...(WTF.. Avu why are you shouting)....
Dimag sab kya New York mein hi chod aa gyi kya??😠😠 (Have you left your brain in the NewYork??)

Avu: Arre di pehle meri baat toh suno..... (Ohh di, First listen to me naa)

Vaishu: Chup kar.. Jaanti hai library mein khade the apan sab... Aur library ka ek rule hota hai maintain silence..
Aur teri uss harkat ki wajah se sab log bas hume hi ghoore jaa rahe the..
(Shut Up... You know naa, we all were standing in the library. And there is a basic rule, that we should maintain silence in the library..
Because of your behavior all the persons standing were staring at us...)

Avu: Sorry Di.. muje maaf kar dijiye..😔😔😔😥😥😥 (I'm extremely sorry di..)

Vaishu: Arre meri pyaari chutki..🤗🤗
Chal tujhe maaf kiya... par pehle yeh bata ki tu chillayi kyon achanak se woh bhi ek baar warn karne ke baad bhi..
(Ohh my sweet sister,, ok apology accepted but tell me why you bursted out after warning also)

Avu: Arre di jab mein flight mein thi toh usme ek ladke ki photo thi front page toh mujhe laga koii aisa vaisa model hoga..
Par jab library mein aayi toh lagbhag har magazine ke front page mein uski photo thi..

(Oh sister, when I was on the flight, I looked at the cover page of a magazine and saw a picture of a boy, so I thought that he would be such a model. But when I came to the library, the cover page of almost every magazine was just a photo of him.)

Vaishu: Arre uska koi naam bhi hoga naa? (Hey, he will also has a name naa??)

Avu: Haan hai koii Siddharth Nigam (Yes his name is Siddharth Nigam)

Vaishu: Do you mean by model Siddharth Nigam?

Avu: Haan toh maine aur kya bola? ( Yes so what else I said)

Vaishu: Do you really mean by The Siddharth Nigam?

Avu: Arre di who the hell is this Siddharth Nigam???
Har jaghe ussi ke charche hai. Har jage ussi ke posters, news air advertisements. Kon hai yeh mahashay?
(Everywhere his posters,his news,his advertisement. Who the hell is he???)

Vaish: Really, tu usse jaanti nahi hai?? (Don't tell me, really, you don't know him??)

Faisu arrives after solving the problem in the library.. And then he listens Avu saying "Who the hell is this Siddharth Nigam?"

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