Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

Hi I am Izuku Midoriya. My dad was a vampire which makes me half vampire. No one knows of course. I know the government toke my dad away and well tried to take every memory of him away from anyone who knows him. That includes me however. So yes my mom dosen't know I am a half vampire which I can't tell her about dad. Which comes to another thing whenever someone did ask where my dad was I would just say he is dead and I don't know where he lays for his long slumper.

Which I know he is alive. But you guys are probably wondering how I remember my dad. Well it is easy because well I did spend all my sleepless nights with him. Of course I got no vampire traits that I know of for now.

Aoyama's POV

I of course am the only vampire in my class. Which is to say a lot considering I know they can eat regular human food without getting sick. Which I have to have blood before or after eating human food to keep it down. It kinda sucks.

Izu's POV

We are in class and the news popped up onto the TV. "Braking news there has been an out brake called the vampire disease. This disease can make anyone who isn't a vampire a vampire. It started when the government accidently let out a chemical to switch a vampire to human and visversa." Of course this made almost everyone go into fear. Besides I don't think it will work on half human half vampire people. Unless I am the only one alive for that part.

"Class settle down we already have at least one vampire in the class. If anyone else is one please come up to the class." Before I letted him finish I just had to raise a hand. "What is it Midoriya." "What if anyone is half vampire." "There is no such thing now once up here I will give an important job for you to do." But I know the truth that there is a such thing as a half vampire. What I said under my breath only had Kacchan heard. "You are wrong about that." Of course I scared my childhood friend. Either way I made myself up to the classroom and it went the same with Aoyama.

I never knew he was a vampire but it can explain a lot. Also vampires are supposed to be with only their kind but my dad didn't like the rule and married a human which is my mom. When I did started to walk up to the front everyone just looked at me surprised. It is funny how no one looked at Aoyama like that tho. Aoyama kinda gave me a confused look. Ok I might have little fangs for drinking blood for when I need to which hasn't happened since they toke my dad.

They aren't even noticeable. Aizawa also looked at me confused probably because I asked my question. Oh well I am really thinking I am the first half vampire. Wait then that means Kacchan can't call Todoroki-kun half and half anymore. Anywho once me and Aoyama where up front of the classroom Aizawa-sensei told something to Aoyama first. "Aoyama make sure Midoriya is even a vampire." Which I know vampires can smell who is or isn't one. When he started to sniff me out at my neck first which I really wanted to smell his vampire side.

I lost the urge to not sniff back so yay my vampire instincts kicked in. Which was to sniff back because it is a normal thing for them. This result led to Aoyama not sniffing me anymore and he pulled away. Which made me whimper so I had to quickly cover my mouth. I know the entire class wondered why they heard a whimper from me. To say only a female will whimper once a vampire stops sniffing them. It is rare for a boy to do so unless they can get pregnant.

Thanks dad for telling me these things. Also thanks world for telling me I can get pregnant. Anyway I kinda started to cry because well I don't really know what happens once we do feel rejected. I just looked at the floor knowing I might as well not embarrass myself anymore. I know my whimpering and crying went out of control by then. "He is a vampire but also a human." Which made everyone started to laugh because apparently there is no such thing as a half human and half vampire.

I just cried a bit harder but still silent because of my whimpers. I just couldn't take it so I went to my not so happy place which is me turning into a ball on the floor. Which of course I heard only what Aoyama said next. "I am not kidding have you ever thought he doesn't like talking about his dad because he is a vampire who got taken away by the government and they tried to make everyone who knows about him not remember."

Of course once he was done with that sentence he came down well sat on the floor. He then put me on his lap and started to sniff me again. Which of course ended my whimpering and tears. I didn't hold back this time to sniff him back. Wait is itn't the time for vampires to start mating and well wanting a family. If so I think this will be very interesting. Which of course this thinking made me stop sniffing Aoyama and well again my instincts toke the better of me.

Which was to kiss Aoyama. My instincts wants me to have a family now also but hey we are still in class so my human half had to keep telling the vampire half to not do it in front of the classroom and wait until we get to the dorms. I was just surprised that Aoyama kissed back also. We could of lasted longer but Aizawa-sensei just had to use his scarf thing to pull us apart. It made me whimper even louder this time. Also I see in Aoyama's eyes that he wanted me back now.

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