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After her college hours Sid came to pick her.. they drove back home. On the avu told him about the fresher's party is going to be tomorrow. And the theme is white. After reaching home they both went to their respective rooms.the rest of the day went without any incidents.

Skips to next day evening

Sid is waiting for her leaning to the car. She arrives and he is stunned by her beauty she can feel his gaze on her... He feels something and he just goes to Her and drag her by waist.

(Sid and avu's dress in the cover photo)

Avu:si.si.. Sid kya ka.. Kar.. Rahe hon?
Sid:slowly goes near her ear she can feel his hot breath near her neck she closes her eyes he whispers in her ear
" you are looking breath taking" She opens her eyes
avu chale

Sid hmm ok

and they drove to her clg. When they enter many girls started drooling over him and as he is a celebrity many were coming for autographs and Selfies but all of them were stopped by his guards Everyone gets jealous of avneet She feels awkward as he is celebrity and she is a common girl . Sid senses that and hold her handAnd gives her a smile she too gives back the smile.
As both of them where staring at eachother. Someone called from behind....

Unknown Sid. I knew that you will come. How can't you when the Ritika badiani

(So the girl is revealed to be Ritika)

She hang on his arm. Sid was feeling iritated.

Sid (taking her hand away) sorry ritz but main tumharre liye nahi aaya. I came with her.(pointing towards avu)

Ritz you came with her..? Seriously Sid

Sid tumhe koyi problem hai kya.

Ritz who is she for you to come with?

After a small pause Sid replied.

Sid she my friend

Ritz gave avu a death glare and walked away from them. Avu was still looking towards were ritz have vanished to...

Meanwhile the Music started. Sid took avu's hand and walked to the dancing floor. Both of them were dancing cosily....

Sid's both hands on her waist and her's around his neck. Both of them were really into one another and with their own thoughts.

Sid's pov

I really didn't know what should be my answer to ritz's question . Who was avu to me???? We just met a couple of days before but still I feels like we both know eachother for ages. Am I falling for her. No.... No.... Sid it's just some kind of attraction towards her. Don't confuse it with love. As you said ritz avu is your friend not more that that... I hope....

Pov ends

While dancing suddenly there is time for partners change
Ave is taken by some other guy and he tries to kiss her Sid sees it......

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