The Warriors

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The next morning you found that, despite the cold weather, you were quite warm. You also realized that you were cuddling something, soft. You opened your eyes wider and found a sleeping Emily snuggled up to your chest.

"Is isn't gonna end well is it?"

As if God heard you, Emily woke up. The two of you looked at each other before you fully realized the situation. Emily was understandably confused.


You blinked.






Before long the two of you were screaming. Breakfast was awkward to say the least. You and Emily refused to looked at each other while Sanders happily ate his breakfast totally oblivious to the situation.

"So, how was patrol?" He asked.

You snapped out of your thoughts and remembered back on the night before. You blushed thinking of Doll when you suddenly remembered the two agents.

"Well, the SHCU finally sent some people after me. Two agents ambushed me on that building across from LaBurne." You recalled.

Sanders looked surprised as did Emily.

"Did you take care of them?" She asked.

You nodded. Sanders sat back in his chair and rubbed his chin.

"Who were they?" He asked.

You just shrugged.

"Two gunslingers. A male and female. Female looked like a stripper dressed as a cowgirl while the guy looked a bit more, spacey. He didn't talk much. He actually didn't talk at all." You tried to remember.

Sanders sighed.

"You met Desperado. He was a former hero back in the day who signed up after the Event. No clue who the other one is though." He explained.

You thought back some more. The girl did call him Des or something right?

"He's a Crypt believe it or not. Strength, Speed, and Accuracy. He's the perfect soldier." Sander continued.

You smiled widely with pride.

"And I beat him." You declared.

"Good on you. Do the dishes." Sanders ordered.

You sighed and headed to the sink. It was finally the weekend and you can finally rest. Well, for the most part. You decided to hold off your investigation on the Family seeing as you hit them hard with the mayor. You figured you could go to Matt's and make some improvements on your gear. That was until the News came along and conveniently gave you something to do this chapter than hang around.

"We are reporting live downtown as a out of control Crypt is wrecking havoc. Police have closed down the streets and are holding it off while they wait for the CCU to show up."

"Aw crap." You sighed.

You turned to Sanders who just nodded. You are about to head to your room and gear up when the News Caster held a finger to her ear.

"This just end, the Warriors are being sent in to deal with the problem!"

You stopped and watched as a helicopter flew over the scene and dropped down 4 figures. 3 men and 1 girl. You watched excited like a little kid.

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