My Alpha Puppet (2)

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[Written by gguksgalaxies, thank you so much for writing this for meee!!!]

I sat there on Lance and I's shared bed, tapping my fingers against my chest impatiently. Lance was supposed to get back from his meeting with the pack over an hour ago. I wanted to fuck him senseless, but his delay obviously put that on hold. As time went on, I got more and more frustrated, groaning as I rolled out of bed and looked around the room.

I knew it wasn't his fault that the meeting ran long, but still. He knew what I had planned for tonight. But now a punishment is in order. I grab a few things from the dresser, laying them out on the bed for future use.

By the time Lance finally entered the room, it was pushing two hours. He quickly closed the door behind him, stripping himself of his clothes and lowering himself to the floor on his knees. He visibly blushes, watching me stare at him incredulously, "A-angel?"

I slowly walk over to him, my strides long for my short stature. I grab a fistful of his hair with a snarl, "It's Master to you, slave."

Lance gulps, nodding as much as my hold on his hair would permit him as he looked up at me. "Sorry I'm late M-Master. The beta from the RedMoon pack found his mate upon one of the girls of our pack."

"Sorry doesn't cut it." I tighten my grip on his locks as I move to stand behind him, leaning down to whisper in his ear,"I think it's time you learned your place."

Releasing my hold on him, I shove him to the ground, forcing him to kneel on all fours. Walking over to the bed, I grab a few things that I had set out earlier. Coming back to my mate, I quickly slide the lace panties over his legs and up to his crotch, covering his hardening dick with the lingerie.

After doing that, I buckle the black leather collar around his neck, make sure it was snug with a few pulls to the leash attached to it.

"As soon as you realize that all you are is my play thing, the better off you'll be pup." Lance whimpers softly at my words, baring his neck to me as a sign of submission. I smirk, leaning down to kiss and suck softly on his sweet spot, just below his jaw. Lance moaned softly into my ear as he started to grind his hips against my leg.

"Ohhh is the little puppy in heat?" I ask with a small smirk, fixing a few stray strands of hair from off his forehead.

"Please help me Master." Lance pouts, looking up at me desperately.

I nod, stopping Lance in his tracks with a simple word. "Freeze." Lance goes rigid, looking up at me with the cutest puppy eyes, his dick still hard and leaking precum. Kneeling down in front of him, I start to rub my hand over his crotch through the panties.

"Listen Lance, you're going to be like a dog in heat. You can only get pleasure from me. Whenever you touch yourself you get more needy but feel no pleasure."

Unfreezing him, Lance instantly started to pant, a thin sheen of sweat starting to coat his body as he rutted against my hand. "Mmm Master!"

I lean down, kissing him passionately as he continues to fuck himself on my hand. After a few minutes, I pull back which causes my mate to whimper needily. Standing up, I tug on the leash slightly, forcing him to follow me to the bed. He lays on his back and I take the ruined panties off, throwing them to the floor.

Lance reaches down to touch himself, jacking himself off only to groan in frustration when nothing happened. He started to writhe on the sheets, squirming as his dick pulses with need. "Master! P-p-please! Save me."

"Aww you're so cute when you beg baby." I smile softly, kissing his sweaty forehead before going back to the dresser to grab my favorite dildo. The thing was huge with ridges all around for better penetration. It also vibrated at the tip which was perfect for when it teased your prostate. Grabbing a bottle of lube as well, I head back over to my desperate mate.

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