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18. Start of Something New
Hazel Michelson

"I uh overheard your conversation with your mother earlier" Dad said in an attempt to break the tension at the table.

"Or you were eavesdropping." I quickly corrected.

"Maybe, but do you seriously want to go stay with her?" I could hear the hurt in his voice, I felt bad despite how he has acted recently. If I'm being honest I was all he had left so I know he's going to try and hold on to me as long as he can.

"Dad, relax it's only for the weekend then I'll be back for school" I stated.

"You didn't even ask for my permission"

"Excuse me, I need permission to see my mom now?" I sighed, I already saw where this was going and I wasn't interested. "Dad, I'm coming back, don't make this into something big"

I got up from the table leaving my plate in the sink since I'd be extra late if I spared those minutes to wash up. We exchanged goodbyes and I was off to Adam since we lived the close and he needed a ride for school.

It took me less than five minutes to pull up, and as expected he was already out front waiting on me.

"Dang, I was just about to call yo ass. I thought you forgot about me" He said once he got in.

"My bad, I'm sorry" I knew he was gonna be dramatic, I wasn't that late.

"Day rave is this Saturday, are you coming?" He already started, he was like a P.R.O when it came on to parties. If you want to know when the next party is, he's the guy.

"I already have plans"

"Plans?" I could tell he didn't believe me, since I used that line so many times, even when I knew those plans were to sleep or binge watch a series.

"I know you ain't got no plans. Day rave is always lit. Free booze, music and a good vibe not to mention when the paint war starts" Enthusiasm filled his voice, being the party animal he is.

I've only been to it once and I did have fun if I'm keeping it 100%. They held it in an open field a little out of town. The huge speaker boxes were set up alongside the Dj booth. They'd have an area for the drinks as well and little further away you'd see the car parked to avoid getting messy.

"This time I really got plans, no cap. Im gonna visit mom so you know how it is" I said casually.

I knew this would've changed everything, I could tell I made him uncomfortable by the "Oh cool" he gave.

It was a touchy topic and since it was kind of embarrassing the way how others dragged it, my friends tried to not bring it up, however they would get as defensive as I would if someone tries to throw an insult.

"But guess what, next party I'll definitely be there" I laughed to lighten the mood.

"You better keep your word" He said as he playfully gave an side eye. "I seen you talking to James the other night at the ball, y'all cool like that?"

"I wouldn't say all that, be we do exchange words now and then, why?" He kind of peeked my interest now, why would Adam be asking about James of all people.

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