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“Isn’t this an imperial public library?”

“No it’s not.”

I became frustrated by his words

“Are you saying that you’re lost?”

You could enter the Imperial public library when you got the pass to it few days beforehand.

Of course there were places you couldn’t enter but unlike my private library, it was opened to people. However I can’t believe that Isekiel got lost and went into a wrong library. 

"I thought it was the pubic library because no one was guarding the entrance."


Then I was surprised by the voice coming from behind me.

"There would’ve been some guards guarding the entrance out by the gate."

"Do you mean those guards who didn’t notice me because they were busy talking?"

Hmm. I  thought back of the guards standing in front of the entrance when I came in here. Is it true? Were they acting like they were working when I came around and were goofing around when I'm not?

But with the point that it was Isekiel who intruded, there were excuses for them to useusIt was because Isekiel was set up to be the male lead who is ready from all the academic things.

So maybe the power of the male lead had exploded without him knowing when he got in.

I asked the person in front of my eyes with keenly folded eyes.

"You're not lost though, right?"

This wasn’t a suspicion, this was a certain matter. Isakiel replied, till looking as if this is something completely normal to happen.

"I’m not used to places in Obelia probably because I lived in a foreign land for a long time.”

You are lying! Were the words I wanted to say. It made me feel more like shouting at him when he started smiling at me.

"I couldn’t find the right route because I’m not used to the place."

Wo, wow.

I didn’t see him as someone like this.......

"That's why I never thought that the library I came in would be princess's private private library."

Of course, he's a son of that mr. White dog!

I was shocked when I felt a familiar feeling I felt when I saw mr. White dog, on Isekiel.

"There are only some servants and lazy guards who are guarding the front door. Isn’t the security too weak?"

"This place is my private place in the first place so no one could..."

"Didn’t I just come in though?"

Eh, ehhh. Something’s going weird

"It means anyone could come in if they put their mind into coming in."


"And you don't have a single guard by you guarding you today."

Am I being lectured by Isekiel right now......?

"You can't be like this"

My guess became a certainty when Isekiel looked at me and spoke firmly.

"Even though the distance between places you go to are short, I think you still should have at least ten guards with you."

I looked up at Isekiel who was talking to me with his eyes set on me, feeling wierd.

“I heard the only guard guarding the princess is sir Robain.”

When I stared at his firm golden eyes, I could realize that he was being serious.

"I know that sir Robain’s skillful but I think it’s not good to only have him to guard."

It seemed like Isekiel is talking because he’s concerned about me. 

“Sir Alfius…….”

When realized it, I felt weird. I couldn’t stop myself from start talking to Isekiel who I was looking at.

"You're an illegal intruder yet you look confident."

It was a feeling of amazement of a different kind.

Wow, how logical. I almost forgot the fact that he was the one who invaded my private place without my permission.

I mean, I thank you for the concern, I really don't think you are the person to tell me that in this situation.

Isekiel tilted his head slightly and opened his mouth.

"Are you going to kick me out of the palace like this?"

"Would I only kick you out? I could prove you guilty as well."

"I know you won’t do that."

"What makes you think that?"

Isekiel didn’t look startled as he stood still. He looked very calm that no one would suspect him as an intruder but a person who entered with a permission. That made me think of 'if'.

The guards could have opened the door for him because they thought it the same as I did......? Cause he was so confident when coming into the place?

Isekiel's whispering words with a smile made me impossible to punish him for this.

"If you regard this as a intruding incident, does it mean that we are enemies to each others?"

I became speechless. It was so ridiculous that my jaw dropped.

H, hey. Now pinching my sore spot. Are you telling me that we should call it equal sonce I intruded you place before? It wasn't me, it was Lucas! Even though I went with my own will once.

"I don’t remember anything about being enemies with you, sir."

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