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-So I do not know why but I am terrible at presentations. It doesn't matter how much I prepare for it or whatever, I just choke up.
So two days ago, on Friday, I did a presentation for my book I read over the summer. It's called Girls With Sharp Sticks HOLY GUACAMOLE IT IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ IN A WHILE PLEASE READ IT IF YOU CAN. LIKE I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS ABOUT THIS BOOK BUT I WON'T (even though I want to) 😂.
But yeah so I did a presentation. My poster looked terrible compared to others so that just made my confidence drop but I worked hard ya know? And so I went up all confident and I- I ugh I DO NOT EVEN REMEMBER WHAT I SAID.
It is like I blacked out and I don't remember. Is this a thing that happens to people? Has any of you guys had this happen to you?

And not just from presenting?

But I feel weird about it. I knew I was slightly anxious and my stomach had vicious butterfly's making tangled up knots in my stomach but... ugh.
I have a great memory. I know I do. So what on this green Earth place happened? I feel like I did good but yeah. Also.

-I HATE SPANISH CLASS HOLY OMFG. Why? Why? WHY does this class exist and has to be a requirement? It should not. I am never going to speak Spanish because I don't have any passion or drive to learn it whatsoever. Now French in the other hand. THAT IS MY LANGUAGE I want and desire to learn it. Every word. But no. I have to do Spanish for this first semester because I failed the first semester in sophomore year. Hopefully it will pass soon and I'll get a good grade.
But this teacher.😂😂😂😂 IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE no one learns anything in there, people are dropping the freaking class, and I'm like I NEED THIS CLASS SIR (my first male Spanish teacher. I usually get female teachers which are better for me) SO PLEASE TEACH BETTER! Ugh. Like what is going on? Who knows?

Highschool is like 'we prep you for the real world' 😂😂😂 that is rich. No you don't. You are all liars. I don't know how to do anything. Job resume's, applications to colleges, taxes, saving money and setting up a bank account, proper sex education because somehow that is not important and the only thing they teach us on my school is 'hey now don't get pregnant hahaha' there are a couple girls already pregnant and I know and hope they didn't do it intentionally (but like congrats?!! Be safe) because we are in high school and there are some rich people but I'm not rich so. I could never take care of a child. AND THESE ABORTION LAWS WTF IS UP WITH THIS? Idk what is going on with the world. I feel like it's on a carousel but going really quick. And a lot is happening.

-Also THE AMAZON rainFOREST WILD FIRES I just FOUND OUT ABOUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT? What on EARTH? How didn't I know about this? What? Any ways please:

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