Chapter 22 - Hit

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They wake up the next morning, bodies entangled, staring into each others eyes from the second they opened them. "Good morning future husband." Dart smiles wide and says: "A very good morning to you, future Mrs. Entremont." Jo's jaw drops and she mumbles: "Entremont. I better practice on pronouncing that correctly. And I feel silly for not knowing your last name." Dart kisses her nose and says: "I don't know your last name either. Whenever it came up we used Henderson." Jo laughs and says: "Some weird couple we are. Getting married without knowing that. My full name is Johanna Berentina Karelsen." Now it's Dart's turn to look shocked. "I see I have some practising to do myself. My full name is D'Artagnan Alexandre Entremont." Jo runs his name through her head a few times and looks at him with a cheeky smile. "Nice to meet you Monsieur Entremont." She licks his lower lip, before kissing him slow and passionately. When she breaks the kiss, Dart chuckles and says: "So you meet someone and then kiss them like that? I better keep my eye on you." Jo laughs and pretends to think about it, touching her lip with her index finger. Dart bites her shoulder and tickles her. "Noooo. Mercy! Have mercy!" Jo tries to pout, failing miserably, laughing loud.

Then there's a knock at the door and Dart gets out of bed, putting some underwear on quickly, before walking over to the door. Jo hears him thank someone, but she can't see who or what it is. Dart wheels in a cart full of magazines and newspapers and breakfast. Jo gets up, to see what it all is, then sees herself on the cover of the newspaper and stares at it. Dart smiles and touches her cheek. Jo snaps out of it and looks at him with a bewildered look. She says: "I think we better check the messages on our phones too, we might be a hit." Dart chuckles and grabs his phone, handing Jo hers.

Jo looks at her screen and sees a ton of messages and missed phone calls. The first message she opens is from Jake and it has her crying within seconds. Dart pulls her unto the couch with him and wipes away her tears. He doesn't have to ask who's message she's reading. He knows it's from Jake. She smiles softly at her phone and starts typing a message. Dart gets up and opens all the magazines and newspapers on the pages they are on and spreads them across the floor. He looks down at it and is shocked about the amount of exposure. It's Tom Tailors' Suits, Diana's Design, pictures from the live talk show and interviews made up out of the questions they answered via email. Jo comes up to him and stares at the newspapers and magazines and snaps a picture of it with her phone and shares it on her social media. And then she looks at the picture Monica shared and sees all the mostly positive replies under it, especially after the proposal. She looks at Darts social media pages and sees a lot of replies from his friends, most of them are surprised, but congratulate him for finally finding a good woman. She smiles at her screen and feels a bit lighter from all the positive messages.

Dart is looking at her from the corner of his eye and sees the change in her and breathes out, realizing he was stressed for her. But as usual she surprises him, being the strong woman she is. He looks at his phone and smiles at all the positive messages and starts reading a message from Mister Tailor. Diana and I felt so smart with our awesome plan to connect the campaigns and making the exposure unlike anything we did before and then you up the ante. We couldn't have asked for anything better. You proposing to Jo on live television, makes you the hottest couple out there. And that makes our campaigns even hotter than before. Congratulations! I saw how real your love is first hand, so I have no doubt that you will make it.

Jo reads Diana's message at the same time and it's basically the same message, only worded slightly different. Dart looks up at Jo and she looks back at him. They switch phones and laugh when they realize Diana and Tom said basically the same. Dart pulls Jo close for a sweet kiss and Jo wraps her arms around his neck, leaning into him.

Dart lifts her up and walks over to the bathroom and puts her down in the shower. They shower together, savoring the moment of silence, knowing it will be chaos, once they walk out of the room. They get dressed and pack their suitcase, eating some breakfast in between. Jo stares at the suitcase and lifts her head to look into Darts eyes. "The ring was in there, wasn't it?" Dart blushes slightly and nods. "Yeah it was. That was why I was being so weird about the packing. I bought it the day after you came home from the hospital. I left Jake with you. But you slept until I got back. Remember Jake being there on the porch?" Jo tilts her head and then smiles softly. "Yes, I remember. Sneaky. But how did you pick out a ring so fast, especially one that is perfect for me?" Dart looks away, trying to hide his feelings, but Jo just moves closer until she is in his line of sight. She puts her hand on his cheek and he looks down at her with his eyes full of love. He knows she needs to hear it and when he starts talking his voice cracks. "I walked past the window of the jewelry store, almost daily since The Summer Dance, thinking that ring would be perfect for you. And hoping one day I'd get the chance to slide it on your finger." Jo's eyes fill with tears and she wipes one from his cheek, before pulling him close for a tight hug. He hides his face on her shoulder and she strokes his hair. She whispers: "Thanks for telling me. I love you, more than words can say." Dart lifts his head and kisses her all over her face and tells her he loves her after every kiss. They drink a cup of coffee to try and calm down and then take a deep breath, before walking out of the room, holding hands.

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