Chapter Ten (WOOOO)

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Chapter Ten (Woohooo)


I was walking into my home, When I noticed George yell “You! You’re our problem!” I heard a cracking of a plate. Should I go over there? Before I could answer my own internal question, I had started to retreat from my house and run over to the Silverstone’s egged house.

I tackled George to the ground, punching him. Why was he such an idiot? Suddenly, I heard Daniela, she was glaring at us. “This is starting to annoy me you two. I’m the one who always has to break ya’ll up and it’s just stupid!” She complained.

I rolled my eyes, but got up to walk away. George called out “Now who’s the big wimp, Emo boy!?”

I turned back ready to come back, only to see Daniela had punched him. I walked up to her.

“I thought you said violence was never the answer?” I quoted, smirking.

“I didn’t think what he called you was right. So, I gave him a piece of my mind,” She stated simply.

“Interesting,” I looked up at the sky, a raindrop hitting my forehead.

As the rain started to pick up, she suddenly stomped off, leaving me there in the rain, gettting soaked. Not that I minded. I loved the rain. I leaned against her fence, letting the rain fall against my head, making me shiver.

I stayed like that for what seemed like hours, before I decided to head home. I started to walk to my house, but then I noticed a completely soaked phone. I picked it up. Maybe it was Daniela’s? shrugging, i walked towards her front door, knocking slightly.

Daniela answered the door. “What do you want?” She said coldly. “Who is that?!” I heard the faint yell. “It’s uh, Levent!” She called back. Suddenly Cassey was by Daniela’s side. “It’s for me!” She said between clenched teeth. Daniela glared, but walked away. “Hello Levent.” She said twirling her finger in her hair.

“Um. HI. I think Daniela dropped her phone outside, I was hoping to return it.” I said,resisting the urge to roll my eyes. “Oh, she’s not home.” She lied. “OH, i’m sure she isn’t.” I glared and walked right inside the house.

“Ill drop it off in her room.” I said, “That is rude, you shouldn’t invite yourself in” She complained crossing her arm. “Looks like I just did.” I smirked.

Daniela was suddenly a the bottom of the stairs. "Planning your

date?" she scoffed. I glared. "what date?" I said raising my eyebrow.

"I overheard you and cassey talking." she crossed her arms. "so?" I

said confused. "y'all have a date, don't you?" she said confused.

"What? No." I said looking at cassey. She glared and me and stomped up

the stairs. "anyway, who cares. Is this yours?" I asked handing her

the extremely screwed up touch screen phone. "Oh crap." she groaned

taking the phone out of my hand. "I found it, outside." I said. She

sighed. "I needed a new one anyway" she said chucking it into the

trash can. "wel, that worked perfectly for you then." I said. She

rolled her eyes. "Still in the dog house? I don't even know what I

did!" I sighed.

She sighed, as well. "Honestly, I don't know what to did either."

she said. I rolled my eyes. That is when we started talking about

anything and everything. "you are already looking for colleges?" I

asked astonished "aren't you?" she asked in a duh vice. "nawh. I like

to live in the now." I said slyly.

" I should probably go" I said after a few moments of silence. She

sighed "alrighty then. It was nice talking to you." she said putting

gee hand on my arm. I looked at it, in awe. "agreed" I said then

lookedup. I walked out the door walking to my house. She was on her

porch watching me leave.

i hadn't noticed, but the rain had stopped and it was dark. I walked

inside my house, happy for once. I walked up the stairs to my room.

Getting under te covers and falling asleep fully clothed.


Standing in the halls of the school, talking to Gerard and Destery.

My, only, friends. "yeah, it's lime cheese, but it's not." Destery

said referring to spray cheese. "Des, man, no one cares about cheese."

Gerard laughed. "No. hey are you guys going to the blessthefalls

concert this weekend?" I changed the subject. "Yeah man!" DES said

higfiving Gerard. "are you?" Gerard asked. "I do-" I started but was

cut off with a squeal and a body hoping on my back. "Lev!!!!!! I GOT

INTO YALE!" I heard the familiar voice say happily. She showed me the

email, hopping off my back. "that's great!" I said happily, handing

her the paper back. "I know right! I've been workig for This my WHOLE

life!" she said reading the paper again.

(Author’s Note. I wrote most of the bottom on my iPod! So Excuse any spelling errors. and Sorry. I’m a liar. This is shorter than most of them but I was kicked off my computer and I had to write the rest on my ipod.)

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