Chapter 19: Hurt

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Here is chapter 19 of Auctioned Hearts I hope yall like it C:

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Auctioned Hearts 19

My heart pounded like a Drummer boy’s drum an echoing sound resounding in my body and leading the way into the war, although the room wasn’t cold my fingers trembled. I looked at the ground placing a trembling hand to my heart as if it would subdue the race horses. My ears seemed to only hear the thick beating of my heart as everything else faded away to the background. I nearly missed the stage crew guy say to me.

“You're on in five, Chenoa.”

I closed my eyes trying to focus on other things.

These heels are really uncomfortable. I hate heels...there is going to be so many people…gosh dangit! This isn’t working!!

I grasp at my hair as the stage crew worker said.

“Chenoa you’re on!”

The blood red curtains slowly pulled back revealing the thousands of wealthy people in the seats. Only the sound of my heels echoed as I took steps forward. I unglued my eyes from the wooden stage floors to the dimly lit audience. The deja vu came back to me, except for this time I wasn’t wearing a mask.

I gave my best smile although I'm sure I still looked nervous as heck.

“Number 37 Cheeeeenoa Emerson!” Randy boomed through the mic as the audience started cheering. I somehow found my hypothetical lady balls and did a cheeky little curtsy. The audience laughed and applauded, whooping and hollering.

“Simmer down folks, simmer down!”

Randy laughed through the mic before starting the action. I walked back and forth waving to people who bid; careful not to trip on the super tall heels. Soon enough the bid was over.

“And this lovely lady goes to nuuuuumber 21!”

He shouted. I then exited the stage and as I was walking down the stairs my ankle twisted.

“Ahh!” I screeched as I held my hands out for the rough fall.

…Wait I'm not falling!

I open my eyes then meet a pair of kind, Caribbean blue eyes and I notice a pair of strong arms holding me up right. A familiar smile surfaced and my heart did a little jump.


“Chenoa!” He squeezed me tighter, refusing to let go and then he spun me around a bit before letting me down. I giggled a bit while smoothing down my dress.

“Why are you here?” I asked, smiling at his happy expression.

“Well, I heard about this beautiful girl going up for auction so I dropped everything to go and bid the hell out of her!” He grinned shamelessly and I in turn laughed.

“Well, why don’t we go to the dining hall together to meet our customers/doll.”

He nodded- a glint of mischief running through his clever blue eyes but I just brushed it off.

As we arrived the lady at the podium smiled at Peyton.

“Oh Peyton, nice to see you again, and …Chenoa.” But she barely gave me a look; her eyes focused on Peyton the whole time. He gave a curt nod not really paying much attention back to her.

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