UA Entrance Exam

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"Why do i have to be here?"

"Because my mum wants you to take the test with me." Katsuki replied with a grunt.

"If i fail you do know that i'm moving out, i'm sure your parents don't want a failure in their house."

"You, you just do your best and we'll see what happens. Alright?" he whispered in my ear before strutting off to yell at some other poor competitor.

After a few minutes of hanging around a voice spoke through an intercom instructing us to go to our designated gates for the exam was about to start.


"Gosh that was tiring, those robots were easy but there was soooo mannnnyyyyy of them." a pink skinned, pink haired girl whinged. "Hey! Hey you! What did you think of the robots in the exam?" she pointed her finger at me.

"They were alright, but i don't think i did very well if i'm being honest" i stated.

"I'm sure you did alright, although you do look like you caused more damage to yourself than to any robots, Look at yourself you're covered in burns everywhere!" she exclaimed, "Were they from your quirk?!"

"Yeah they were, I haven't really had any quirk training so the flames are hard to control." i answered.

After that i walked off. I didn't really want anyone to see me cry over how much the burns hurt. Also i have to get back home to start packing my stuff, because, no doubt about it that i failed the entrance exam.

On the walk back home i spotted some strange people lurking about in a nearby alleyway, i decided to ignore them and continue on back trying not to move my arms too much because of the burns.

Once i reached the house i snuck back in through the sliding door on the balcony Katsuki and i share and slipped back into my room and bandaged my burns up. After about 30 minutes i decided to start bagging up all my belongings ready for moving out.

Once i finished i scrolled through my phone and found the perfect little flat to make into a cute home for myself. I had already saved up enough money to last me a while so i bought the place. It was near the public high school so i could go to my classes with ease, and far enough away from the Bakugou's and UA so i wouldn't run into anyone i know or met at the entrance exam.

a week has passed ~ the UA letters have arrived.

Katsuki had already torn open his letter and discovered that he was to be apart of Class 1A at UA High. I was only slowly opening mine. 

Once my envelope was opened i pulled out a handwritten letter from the Principal Nezu himself.

Dear Y/N,
Im going to get straight into it.
Unfortunately we cannot accept you into UA High, the reason being that your quirk is too dangerous. We fear that if it gets out of hand it may cause harm to other students and teachers.

We would love to have you in our school but we cannot for reasons stated above. However, we can recommend you to your preferred high school. If you would like us to do this please send us the name of said school and we will get you a place there. Please text the name to this number: xx123.456.789.       Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely. Principal Nezu

I knew it, I failed the entrance exam. Even if I did somehow manage to pass they don't want me at their fancy school. As I started to sigh Mitsuki burst into my room, with Katsuki smugly following suit behind her.

"Oh Y/N!!!" she exclaimed, "I heard from Principal Nezu that you didn't pass because you were too dangerous or something like that!"

"Don't forget.... her leaving." Katsuki reminded her.
"Oh yes!" She started to look slightly disappointed, "Y/N, even though you didn't make it into UA you don't need to move out. Katsuki told me your plans." She sighed.

I glared at the spiky ash blonde boy whom I've known and lived with for 10 years now. "I'm sorry Mitsuki, I just don't want to be a burden on you anymore, and I don't think you want a failure in your house too." I breathed.

"I love having you here, but if it's what you want I'll let you go. Though I'll miss you." She paused. "But you will have to send me updates about how your life is going monthly and come visit sometimes too! And i want you to send me pictures too!" Tears started to roll down her pale cheeks.

"Tch. Come on it's not like she's moving away to another country." Katsuki groaned.

"Hush Katsuki, let your mother have her moment." I warned him.

a week later

I waved goodbye to the Bakugous as they walked away from my new apartment. As I shut the door I felt a pair of cold eyes watching me. Whipping myself around, my [H/L] [H/C] hair slapping my cheeks, i came face to face with.......

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