Chapter 25- dont go

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Zach's POV
Jack leaves my room. The rest of the boys come in. They circle around my body. Then Corbyn looks at me. I smile. He gets up and walks towards me. I open my arms ready for the hug. Finally someone can see me. He comes and leans in the hug. Then goes through me. I turn around and see that he's hugging Christina. I guess he can't see me.
"How is he doing?" Christina said.
"I'm doing fine" I say back.
She didn't look at me.
"He's doing alright, we still aren't sure if he will make it though" the doctor said.
I might not make it. What does he mean by that? Will I die? No no no no no, I don't wanna die. I wanna start a singing career. I wanna get married to Jack, adopt children. I can't die now.
I go out of that room. I see Jack crying. I just want to hug him. I sit down next to him and cry.

Jacks POV
I'm outside of Zach's room. I was able to see him. Right now I'm just crying. Then I hear Zach's voice. I look around and don't see him. It's probably just my mind.
"Jack, it's okay" I hear his voice say again.
"No, no it's not. The love of my life might die" I say sobbing.
"Jack, can you hear me?" I hear his voice again.
"Yes, is it you?" I ask.
"Yes, I'm here, you just can't see me" he says.
"Zach, please don't go, I love you" I beg.
"I'm trying Jack. I don't want to die. I promise I'm going to be back." He explains to me.
I nod my head in response and go back to crying. I feel a comforting feeling around me. Almost like a hug. I knew it was Zach. It felt like his hugs. I smile slightly. Even though I can't see him it's good to know he's doing well.  I have a plan. I will stay in this hospital, no matter what, until Zach gets out. I mean, what's the point of going home to sleep if I can't sleep?  After a while I go back into Zach's room.

"Zach, I know you can hear me. Please don't leave us. Everyone needs you. I need you. I know your trying. Just please," i take a deep breath and a couple years come from my eyes, "don't let me lose you" I finished.
I kiss his forehead.

I kissed his forehead and say goodbye to Myta.
End of flashback

What started it all...
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