'Triple date'

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It was about 2 months since the incident with Spifey and Zelkam, by that time they were already together, and Vincent officially moved in with Dream.

It was a nice Sunday evening when Zak decided it would be a great idea to go on a triple date.

So he called up everybody to ask them.
Of course, they all agreed.

They went to a sushi restaurant, for most of the time Spifey ate most of the food.
The others on the other hand mostly talked.

"So how is it with you two?" Darryl asked Dream and Vincent who seemed to be feeding eachother.

Vincent smiled "we're doing great, Dream just sometimes does stuff I told him not to do."

"Like?" Darryl asked.
"Well, stealing my food, running into my room, and running into my room when I'm trying to record." Vincent replied, and then looked at Dream who pretended that he was completely unaware.

"Especially when I'm trying to record VR."

Then Vincent looked at Dream with an angry, and red face.

"Oh, so he's doing something you would not prefer to be seen?" Spifey asked.

"Yyyyeah." Vincent answered and kept looking at Dream who was now smirking.

Then Vincent muttered something under his breath.
"What was that?" Dream asked.
"You know dang well what I said, I made sure only you heard it." Vincent said.
"Actually I heard it." Zak said.
"Whatever." Vincent said.
Then they continued eating their food, and then ordered some drinks.
Darryl got a little drunk, but not too drunk.
Then he got more drunk and got a bit closer to Zak.
Then they started smooching.

Then they started smooching

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"Oh god not again." Vincent said.

Then they stopped for a second and Darryl said "you taste like fish." Before continuing again.
Vincent and Dream continued eating.
And Spifey and Zelkam talked about some kind of trees.

They all then paid for the food and stuff and went back to the house.

Yeah this is all my boos.
Imma make a sequel for this book so yeah.
Hope you enjoyed this short chapter 👁️👄👁️

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