'Blue' Sequel

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A/N: [ It's my first time making a centric Taelice Fan Fiction! I've been wanting to do this but cannot come up with a good plot. But here it is purple hearties! Hope you'll enjoy reading. ]


Her eyes switched from her left to right. A raven haired and a blue one. She pursed her lips and tried to think something that will make her get away from the awkward situation that they suddenly put her through.

One, with someone she's been comfortable with since she was a toddler and the other one who effortlessly makes her heart flutter.

They stood there waiting for an abrupt answer that she can't possibly give right away.

"Am I a joke to the both of you?" Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. Lisa cupped her forehead as she looked away from the two.

"You! I thought you hated me! You keep teasing me with mean words then suddenly you'll say that?!"
She pointed her finger to the guy who just lived next to their house. No other than her childhood nemesis till now, Jeon Juancock. Who keep stealing her bunny dolls when they were like five, Lalisa always thought he's gay because he keep praising her brother, Namjoon like a devoted clingy-ass girlfriend.

"Yeah, I mean you call her no-ass every time—"
The blue haired one cut in while nodding his head like he just find a very interesting fact about the latter.

"Shut up! Don't ever think I forget about you, Kim! You're the worst! You are weird and confusing!!!"
Lalisa shifted her finger as she pointed to the other one. Kim Taejerk put his hands up in surprised, like he has been caught red handedly. This one had her enthralled with his inhumane beauty but irks her with his out of this world personality. He's stupid and smart at the same time, but he annoys her by his push and pull. Sometimes, Lisa murders him in her mind but of course nobody knew about that.

"Yes, he's the worst kind. Who on earth keep dyeing his hair blue?"
This time it's Jeon Juancock's turn to butt in. He grimaced at Taejerk's choice of hair color.

"It's turquoise, dumbass."
Taejerk glared at Juancock.

"Same thing."
Juancock, shrugged. Making Taejerk roll his eyes as he speak profanities that didn't missed with the latter's hearing, so the bickering starts again.

Lalisa mentally face palmed as she watched the two guys banter in front of her.

Tell her again why she's on this situation? Because as far as she remembers she's watching Netflix in peace with her brothers at home!

Well, not until these two idiots barged in, shouting her name while they keep panting heavily with their breaths as they asked her with the most ridiculous thing she ever heard this year.

"Will you go out with me?"

"Will you go out with me?"

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"Huh... well I can just choose Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim. She'll definitely dump Namjoon oppa for me in no time. There's also Jennifer Rich-ass Kim, Hobi oppa won't mind right? Last but not the least, The twin sister of Juancock, Chipmunk Rose oh I think that's a no-list. Seokjin oppa will surely berserk. But, see? I am well loved already, why do I need these two idiots anyway?"



"We can hear you."


a short romcom story
after 'Zemblanity'

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