Chapter 2 - They can't be talking about me?

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Chapter 2

Mumbling voices shook me from the world of unconciousness, confusing me, as my parents would never bother talking in hushed tones around me. They wouldn't care if they woke me up, just like they didn't care about anything else either.

"Do you think she'll be ok?" was the first thing I heard when the mumbling voices became clearer. I ignored it, as they clearly weren't talking about me. I knew that because it wasn't a teacher's voice talking about me, it was a student's. It was probably someone worrying over their girlfriend.

However, my ideas were proved wrong when I heard the nurse say: "I'm sure she'll be fine. She has been in here a few times before, but you are the first one to care though. She often comes in here crying, or trying not to cry."

"Do you know why she lets them do it?" said the mysterious voice.

"That, I'm afraid, you will have to find out for yourself. If she wakes up call me, I have some paperwork to fill out."

"Thank you, for everything. I'll call you as soon as she stirs."

Wow. Who could this person possibly be? Nobody had ever spared me a second glance, sometimes not even a first, and if they did, it was only to make my life even more of a misery.

I felt the edge of the bed next to me sink with the weight of the person who sat down. By now I had figured the person was a guy, from the voice and weight, and probably a new person who didn't know the goings on in the school. I'm sure if he did, he wouldn't have hesistated to join in with Jenna and Max's mocking.

After what felt like a lifetime had passed, and still the person next to me hadn't shifted an inch, I grew bored of lying in this peaceful, yet unawkward silence.

I slowly opened one eye then the other, so they could adjust to the bright light of the nurse's room. I'm pretty sure I almost reeled back a bit, as the person next to me came in to focus.

It was the same dark, shaggy, skater boy hair from earlier, and the same soul-reading green eyes gazing at me.

As soon as he noticed I was conscious, he turned his head away from me and called to the nurse that I was awake. The nurse came bustling out of the office, bringing with her some pain killers, and water.

"How do you feel, Lana?" said the kind, elderly lady who was the nurse.

"Fine thanks, I have a bit of a head-ache though," I replied, my voice hoarse from lack of use. The nurse was one of the few people I would talk to.

I heard a small, almost unnoticable gasp from beside, and my head shot around, giving me whiplash. The guy sat there, mouth slighty ajar, looking almost comical. I would have laughed too, until I remembered why he looked like that. I had spoken. He, of course, hadn't heard me speak yet. Was my voice so horribly unattractive that it made him look like he had seen the worlds most amazing magic trick.

I blushed and looked away, not wanting to hear what he had to say about it. I stood up quickly, too quickly, making the world rotate before me, turning into a white and beige kalidascope. I wobbled with the sudden dizziness but before I could fall, a strong gripped my wrist and tugged me down onto the bed once more. I placed my head between my knee, to try and relieve myself of the spinning world, and took deep breaths until it past.

"Are you ok?" came a soft whisper from beside me. I tilted my head to look at the boy sat next to me, with my head still resting on my knees. He had a sad, sympathetic expression on his face. The sad part made me feel fuzzy inside that someone understood how I felt, but the anger that the simpathetic look caused to bubble up inside me over-ruled it.

Did he not get that I didn't want sympathy, or pity, as neither would help me in the long run. What I needed was for somebody, anybody to give Jenna and Max a taste of their own medicine.

Instead of answering him verbally, I simply nodded my head. He seemed satisfied with the result he got, and didn't push me into saying any more.

A few more minutes of silence past, but this time it definitely was awkward. Thankfully, mystery guy broke it be asking what my name was.

Without thinking of what I was doing I automatically responded: "Lana Freston. You?"

He looked shocked, but not as nearly as shocked as I felt. I hadn't talked to anyone that williningly for 4 years!

He recovered before me, straightening his posture before replying:

"Elliot Mond."

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