chapter three ✰

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It's Elmo's birthday and our parents just happened to be out of town to complete a new cooking course.

It's been a month since that big dinner and Elmo and Hannah are now dating. Elmo confessed that he had actually liked Hannah, even before she hit her big glow up and it turned out that Hannah has always liked Elmo too. She never told me because she thought I would be mad because he's my brother but honestly, I'm okay with it.

Anyway because of him dating Hannah he let our group be at the party, even though he said he wouldn't invite any juniors.

Elmo's parties have always been big and are only thrown when our parents are out of town. I was always too shy to join in, let alone tell my parents about the party either.

But now things are different because I want to go, just to impress Jaden.

Ever since Jaden gave me his number, I couldn't stop thinking about him. We texted for the first few nights but after that we stopped.

Tonight, I wanted to talk with him in person and I looked really hot if you asked me.

I take few videos of myself in the mirror, the booming music from the party downstairs in the background.

"Hurry up! Everyone's already here!" Addy says, opening the door to my room.

"Let's go!"

I rush outside my room and walk downstairs. I see all of the girls and greet them with a hug. I also see some of the guys, also greeting a few of them with a hug.

I notice Anthony talking with Hannah Kim, his ex. She was gorgeous.

I walk over to the drinks table and pour myself some soft drink. I don't think I belonged here.

The girls looked like the biggest hoes I've ever seen and the guys were acting the dirtiest they've ever been!

There was no sign of Jaden yet but I didn't get ready for the party, just for him.

I walk over to the girls in my friend group and dance with them for awhile. After, I walked back over to the drink table for a refill.

I didn't notice Jaden anywhere until the song So Good came on. Hannah came over to me and dragged me to where her and other random seniors were dancing. I was uncomfortable at first but then actually enjoyed being around them.

There we so so so many people so as I danced, I was rubbing up against the person behind me.

I feel a pair of hands on my waist as I get spun around.

"Hi gorgeous"

"Hi Anthony"

Without warning, Anthony places his hands on my ass as we sway to the music. I was really uncomfortable but before I could pull away myself, someone else does for me.

"Jesus Mars! When do you not try to get in with my friends?"

"Says you! And I actually don't try at all!"

Elmo and I argued as people stared but it didn't get too serious because we're siblings. But to make things worse, a guy walking past spills a whole bottle of soda on me, for no reason at all!

"Fuck, sorry!" He jokes, pulling his phone out to record my reaction.

I look around with my jaw dropped and everyone was staring, pointing and laughing.

I turn back to Elmo, who started to laugh too.

"I hate you and I hate this party!"

I push past Anthony, Elmo and everyone!

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