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The sound of footsteps echoed loudly across the polished floor and I held my breath. They won't find me. He won't find me. I chanted repeatedly in my head, too scared to even close my eyes. Sweats was trickling down my palms and I tried to wipe them on my soiled trousers, so afraid that I could barely move my limbs.

"Where could she have gone? Did you not lock her up properly?" I heard one of my pursuers yelled and recognised his voice. Fear welled up inside me; my world had turned upside down in the matter of weeks. My parents were dead, my sister and I captured and experimented on and now she's dead too. My eyes prickled as my thoughts drifted to Laurina, my last moments with her still clear in my mind. The fear and pain in her eyes were so strong, and yet her determination were there, unwavering. "There is nothing wrong with us." She lectured me as the guards pulled her away, choking back the tears as I scrambled to hold on to her for one more second. "We are not abomination, don't listen to them! Don't fear it, embrace it!"

Thinking about her brought me strength. She wanted me to escape and that's exactly what I was doing. Cautiously I made myself move, edging down the long, sterile corridor one step at a time. I had no idea how to get out, nor what fate would awaits me if I get out. All I knew was that this was the only chance I had at escaping, and I would either die in here or make it out. There was no way I would let them recapture and experiment on me.

Turning a corner an identical corridor greeted me. Reining in my frustration I told myself there was no use acting on my fear. Speeding up, I knew my head start was starting to run out and if I didn't find an exit I would face my doom.

"I found her!" A voice shouted and the silhouette of a guard appeared on the other side of the corridor, his rifle ready and pointing right at me. Distant footsteps resonated across the empty space and I could feel the anger welling up inside me. I had have enough. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and concentrated. A tickling sensation begun to spread through my body and I could feel the power surging inside of me. The reason why my sister and I were captured. I used to be scared of it, hated it, and denied it; I couldn't control it and it destroyed our home and lead them to us. Fuelled by Laurina's words and the memories of all the horror that had befall me, I screamed and lashed out at these heartless soldiers working for the despicable government that was once the ruler of our nation.

Holding my palm up I felt the familiar surge of energy out of my body that used to cause me to recoil in fear, but now it calmed me. The electrical blue static flow collided with the series of bullets being fired at me and caused an explosion mid-air, annihilating the attack. Waving my hands I sent out more, for the first time fully in control of my own power in my blinding rage. Collision after collision occurred and I didn't know how long we were fighting for; it could be seconds, minutes, hours or days. I was furious, livid and beyond reason. All I wanted to do was to drag as many I could with me to hell, to make them pay for what they did.

A spasm of pain pulled me out of my state and I looked down to see that I was hit by a bullet on my left arm and the rush of adrenaline slowly died down. I knew at that moment that it was over; this would be how I die. I couldn't escape like my sister wanted, but that didn't matter. All that matter was that I was free...

As I began to drift out of consciousness, a flash of red caught my eye followed by the figure of a boy. The smell of burned flesh and blood mingled in the air and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, surely heave wouldn't be like this? Perhaps I was in hell, where I deserved....

"Hey, stay with me!" someone lifted my head up. My eyes focused and I saw the face of a boy, no older than me. "You are safe now, all the monsters are dead."

"Are angel?" I asked, the boy smiled and shook his head.

"My name is Akram, Akram de Silver." He said, "What's yours?"


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