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Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting this book! Every new read means a lot to me ♥. Some of you might be here after reading my Draco Malfoy fanfic, if so: welcome back you, but if you're new here, welcome!

To all my new readers, I'd like to address a couple of things before we dive into my Fred fanfic. This is simply to avoid confusion.


In this book, you'll be a Gryffindor. In my Draco fanfic, the reader was a Ravenclaw, which is my house, so I wanted to switch things up. Since it's a Fred fic, Gryffindor was the "easiest" to use because more people of that house are known. I also really wanted to use characters such as Lee Jordan, Katie Bell etc, which is why I chose this house. If it's not your house, I'm very sorry. I can only please 1/4 of everyone, so unfortunately, there's not much I can do. I hope it doesn't stop you from reading though :).


Those of you who have read my other fic already know this, because I address it every time: MY MAIN LANGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH, it is Dutch. I do study English, so my English is okay, but I will make some mistakes once in a while and I won't use very difficult vocabulary. Writing improves my language skills and I really like writing in English, but it's not perfect. I've edited this book once and took out most mistakes, but there will definitely be some that I've overlooked. If you find a mistake, just tell me in a comment and I'll edit it :). Thanks for understanding!


In this book, Katie is - as in the actual HP series - a year younger than you (you're as old as Fred). She does sleep in the same dorm room as you. I know that would normally be impossible since she's not your age, but I like Katie and I wanted to include her, so roll with it xox.


I LOOOOVE reading comments! Honestly, you guys are sooo funny sometimes! So really, don't hesitate to leave one... or twenty. I try to read all of them and respond to most. BUT, please keep it friendly. I like it when you guys give me constructive criticism or - as I said - comment on my grammar mistakes, but please be nice. I sometimes get comments that really hurt and even though there might be ten times more positive comments, that one negative remark can really hurt. So no hate my lovies ♥.

That was enough of me. I won't bother you anymore until the very end of this book. I hope to see you there ;)

Have fun reading! See you on the flip side.

xox Hanne

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