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4 o'clock - bts' v and rm

woosan4 o'clock - bts' v and rm

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even if it was already late in the night, wooyoung walked slowly towards the park near his house. he couldn't recall when it had become a routine for him, but he would give up thousands of hours of sleep if it meant keeping it going forever.

some birds were already singing, anticipating the sunrise. wooyoung didn't need to check the time to know he was punctual. at 4 o'clock, he would meet the person he loved the most.

the sky was still pitch black, but the light coming from the full moon guided him through the dark. at some point, he perceived san's silhouette, sitting on their usual bench. his heart started beating faster, urging him to get closer.

«san...» he whispered.

the boy stood up, looking at him fondly. he held the younger's waist, pulling him into a hug.

«i don't have much time» he confessed «i'm finally leaving today»

wooyoung felt his heart clench as he bit his bottom lip, his eyes becoming glassy at the so-feared news. san cupped his cheeks, giving him an apologetic smile.

«hey, why are you crying?» he asked, wiping the younger's tears with his thumbs.

«i don't want you to go»

wooyoung looked at him in the eyes, silently asking for him to stay. even broken, like that, he was beautiful.

he couldn't bring himself to accept he would be alone. after countless nights of sneaking into the park, forced to hide what they felt for each other, having to end it all felt incredibly painful.

after all, everyone was blue under the moonlight. when identities didn't matter anymore, the two boys felt ironically safe into the deep night.

«let's walk around for a while» san suggested, pulling wooyoung by his wrist.

they wandered around the dusky park, their hands held together and no destination in mind. they would have stopped time if they could, making the most of those hours they spent with one another.

«san, will you sing for me one last time?» wooyoung asked.

the older didn't answer, but started singing instead. it didn't matter which melody he chose, he always succeeded in soothing him. san's honey-like voice made all his worries instantly fade away.

even when the sun woke up and the moon fell asleep, san didn't stop his singing. it would accompany wooyoung after he had to go, leaving a lonely blue boy standing at the park.

the birds' song wasn't smooth like san's, and not even the moon shone brighter than him. but they became wooyoung's only company when the older boy disappeared.

every night after that one, before dawn, he could swear san was still there, waiting for him. sharing his unconditional love when no one could see.


hello! thanks for reading this :')
i hope this first os wasn't too abstract and you could understand. i wanted to publish one to begin with, and of course, woosan was the easy way to start lol

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