Thirty Four

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To say that I was heartbroken was an understatement.

Two days.

It's been two days since I last saw and talked to Baekhyun. It's been forty eight hours since I last left my room. I was devastated and I couldn't remember if I stopped crying at all. I kept blaming myself for being a coward and for driving away the only person did nothing else but proved how much he loved me.

When I closed my eyes, I thought of nothing else but the way he looked at me the last time we were together. The pain across his face kept haunting me and the coldness in his voice when he told me to just leave was still unbearable until now.

Honestly, how am I supposed to forget everything now?
Impossible. Just impossible.


I was scheduled to go back to Australia in five days. My mom booked a ticket for me since I refused to even do anything but wallow in my misery. I was mourning as I felt everything inside me slowly die. Aunt Sunny and Jih Hye kept asking me if I was okay. And for one second, I thought I could lie and tell them I was but I just couldn't even bring myself to lie about another thing anymore.

I lied to Baekhyun.
I lied when I told him that I didn't want him to come looking for me anymore.
I lied that this was what I wanted. I lied to him when I told him that I didn't love him.

I had to hold my chest when I called Eun Chan and told him about my break up with Baekhyun that same day, two days ago. I had to immediately make sure that he wouldn't do anything to harm Baekhyun and his career. I was so mad at myself, I ended up playing Eun Chan's game. He wasn't that convinced at first but I told him that I was leaving for Australia soon.

"Make sure you won't change your mind Hae Won. Once you do, our deal is off."

I threw my phone right after the call ended.

I despise myself.


TUESDAY, four days before I leave Korea.


I heard my phone beeped. I didn't know what I was expecting or who I was expecting to send me a message at this time but when I read the message, I couldn't help but be surprised.

010 **** ****
Hae Won, this is Kyungsoo. Sorry but I'm outside your house right now. Is it okay if I ask you to come out?

My brain lagged for a couple of seconds processing the fact that Baekhyun's best friend just sent me a message telling me that he was outside the house.

Did something happen to Baekhyun?
My heartbeat raced, shaking my head to dismiss the thought right away.

I didn't reply, instead I got off the bed and reached for my overcoat since it was going to be really cold outside. When was out, I immediately saw Kyungsoo's familiar black car under the dim light post across the street.

What does he want?
Why is he here?
I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Baekhyun.

I watched how Kyungsoo got out of the driver's seat and walked towards me. He was wearing a cap and a dark colored overcoat, I couldn't really distinguish. This was definitely not giving me a good feeling.

"Kyungsoo." I uttered when he stopped in front of me. "What brought you here?" I paused once more also trying to justify how he knew my place.

He lifted a hand to his nape, looking unsure of what he was about to say.

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