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Folks, we are now living in a world post-Taylor Swift's Cruel Summer. It is a world where I spelled "folks" as "foks" and had to fix it. This is an exciting one (mostly for me) - read on to find out why.


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What I've been up to...

Goodbye Leo season, I can't say I'll miss you too terribly. Also, hi, I'm 24 now. Gross.

If you're wondering, on my birthday my only friend from my hometown took me to Barnes & Noble and bought me two books, and then we ate at a pizza place (I got a burger). I also worked a shift before all that. But look, it was better than my original plan, which was to do absolutely nothing at all.

Oh, remember that good news I wanted to share last month? It's that I finally (~finally~) got a full time job and will hopefully soon have enough money to like, have a life. And pay some of my bills. And maybe move out or something. Fingers crossed for all the good things and a tiny taste of financial stability.

Speaking of my finances, last night I went to our county fair (yikes @ the cost of fair food am I right), and okay. Hear me out. I know that most of rural America remains almost completely unchanged from how we remember it being as kids (so I'm talking like 10-15 years of memories here friends, let's not get too crazy and think I'm talking about decades), but despite the fact that the supper club I work at still uses ancient cash registers that have zero credit card compatibility, I've never witnessed anything about rural America so utterly carbon copied year after year after year as our county fair.

Is this true about all county fairs? Or just mine? I'm talking the same rides in the exact same places, the same games with the same old men manning them, the same food booths/trucks (again, in the exact same spots). I wish I could explain just how identical every year's experience is to the one before it. Nothing changes! Ever! It's been over 10 years! And yet going always feels weirdly...liminal? Like it's not a part of your current timeline? Anything that happens there isn't going to affect what comes after you leave, you know?

I know this sounds like a mess, but I've only just realized that every memory I have of that place is just...exactly the same. I do the same things, ride the same rides, see the same people, eat the same food. Why are county fairs like this? Did yesterday even happen because aside from my big yellow refillable lemonade cup (you know the one) I have no way of being sure.

All I can say is I'm ready for summer to be over. Bring on AUTUMN.

*Edit: Oh yeah! I got in a car accident earlier this month too. Apart from a bruised arm and collarbone (from the seatbelt) and a sore neck the next two days, I wasn't injured, so no worries. Neither was the girl who hit me. My car, however, bit the dust. Some people go their whole lives without being T-boned, and I've now been T-boned twice in the span of three years. Love that for me.


What I've been loving...

In the music world, while I have a lot to say this month, I'm going to start with this: it's not new, but the Anastasia musical soundtrack continues to be one of my favorite physical CDs I own. I just got a new-to-me car (*finally remembers that another interesting thing happened this month and jumps back up to edit*) and it doesn't have an aux port, so until my adaptor came in the mail, I had to rely on my crate of CDs I keep in my trunk for emergencies. And GOD did I forget how much I love this musical.

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