LAL ch.10

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Briana's POV

We had gotten a hold on another case. I actually felt excited, I wanted to get back out there again. I got in the car and left Elena a message saying we would be back when we were done. I only told her it was a couple of towns over and I promised I would be safe, though that isn't always the case. I had gotten our bags in the car and I was waiting patiently in the car. I tapped my fingers on the glass and then laid down on the seat. I tapped the leather seat while I hummed. I jumped up back into sitting position when I heard a tap on the window. I leaned over the front seat and reached for the lock. I saw Dean look down my shirt as I pulled the lock and slid back into the backseat. I smiled and got into my comfortable position on the seat. When Sam got in the passenger seat he handed me a book.

"What's this?" I asked. I flipped through it and found it full of information on things we hunt.

"You're gonna read it." Dean said. He was driving and I looked to Sam.

"You should read the pages on the Wendigo. That's what were hunting." He explained.

"Read it out loud so we know you have read it and can use it later." Dean said. "I, we, need to make sure your safe."

"Ok." I said. I began at the page with the sketch of a thin creature with long nails. "Wendigo stories break down into two categories. In one, the wendigo is created when a warrior trades his soul for the power to destroy a threat to his tribe. Once the threat is gone, he is driven into the wilderness and vanishes. In the other, the wendigo slowly loses its humanity through some combination of dark magic and cannibalism. In either case, the end result is one fearsome monster. I can see that." I read aloud and mumbled the last part. I continued reading about how you kill it with silver through the heart. Make sure the icy monster is dead, cut it's limbs.

"Burning works too." Dean said.

"Noted. Am I done now?" I asked. Sam laughed.

"Yes Bri, your done." He said with a smile. I pulled out my ipod and scrolled through the songs.

"Please move and show me how it's done. Tease me, you are the one. I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, I want to recognize, your beauty isn't just a mark. I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart." I sang. I chose the words I wanted to sing and did. I didn't know if I was good and I didn't care. I just wanted to do it to save time, to enjoy some final moments in the car with the guys before another hunt.

I looked at Dean and Sam. I could only see the backs of their heads and their shoulders. I imagined life without them and almost came to tears. They meant too much. I smiled with watery eyes as I watched them talk, brother and brother, from the back. I loved them, I loved being with them. Sam was the best brother and friend I could ever ask for. Dean was the only boyfriend I had had that I was truly in love with as strongly and deeply as I was now. This hunt would be another way for me to show I belonged with them, forever and always.

I felt the car stop and I looked up to see a wide range of forest through the window. I got out with them and grabbed our stuff. We were going to stay across the street from the woods. When we got in Sam got a map and spread it out on the table. It was only morning so they decided we would start in a couple hours. Sam was getting more information and we were going to check out the woods.

I went to my bag and grabbed my brown "hiker" boots. I had my jeans on and all I needed was my black tank top and brown sweater that zipped up and was tight on my body. It had a hood and pockets for my hands, but it was still thin. I put them on while we waited for Sam to finish getting ready in the bathroom.

"They only go in groups of one, so it shouldn't be hard to take down." Sam said.

I grabbed my knife, a sharp silver stick and just in case that failed, a silver rod. I put the knife in my left boot. The silver rod wasn't too long so I pout it in my right one. The silver stick I held in my pocket.

I opened the door and Dean and Sam grabbed guns and silver things. I looked into the forest and narrowed my eyes. With their lightening speed and ravenous eating habits, who knew if we would get out. I crossed the street with them behind me and pulled branches out of my way as I walked further in. The pine needles and dry leaves that crunched beneath our feet lessened as we walked, it was only pine needles deeper in.

I held the stick firmly in my hand as we came to a clearing. I noticed a small amount of blood by a tree and could picture someone being thrown into it. I looked around and nothing else seemed wrong until I heard a loud screech behind me. It had come from somewhere in the forest. I didn't turn around, it would expect that. I felt something blow by us.

"It's close." Dean said stiff beside me. I watched in front and beside me. I saw leaves flutter across the clearing, on the right side of us. It stepped out of bushes a few feet away from us and I gasped and moved a step closer to Dean. Dean and Sam had their guns raised. It was gone and then reappeared, right beside me. It was breathing into my hair, but I didn't move. Then I moved my arm and stabbed it in the chest. It shrieked and I pushed it in more until I could feel the life drain from it. It fell to the ground and Dean began to cut it up. Sam helped and I walked to the other side of the clearing to see if there were any tracks to get to the cave it lived in. I moved a branch and saw a trail of odd footprints I assumed belonged to it. I noticed that there was more than one set, this must be a common trail for it, or there was more than one.

"Guys, I found the footprints." I said looking back at them. It was then that I was pushed to the ground. I pushed myself up onto my hands and feet. I looked up and was surrounded by three of them.

"Bri!" I heard them call, but I was looking at the things in front of me. I crawled backwards and they followed me. One of them shrieked and then I Heard a gunshot, that was when I got up and ran. Two of them came after me and the other was head on with Sam. I pulled out the knife and swiped at them, getting one on the arm. It swung and scratched my cheek.

The other grabbed my arm and tried to pull me. I moved my body and stabbed it with the knife in the side. It just got angrier and lashed at me, gripping into my arm. I jumped up, still holding onto the knife and lifted myself onto it's chest while it moved. I put my legs on each of its shoulders and was upside down until I sat up with my chest in its face as it moved around. I still had my arm holding onto the knife and my other was grabbing its head so I didn't fall. I took out the knife and raised it above my head, balancing myself with my legs, and stabbed it into its head. It was weaker, but still moving fast. I took it out again and pushed my weight so it fell onto its back on the ground. I got off and took the silver stick from the other one. I pushed it into its chest. It was clawing at me and I groaned in pain. Sam came over and stabbed it again.

I stood up and noticed that the other one that had come after me was distracted by Dean. Sam was back with the other one. Dean stabbed it and cut into its body. I turned to Sam and saw it grab him and scrape its nails deep into his side.

"No!" I screamed. Sam fell to the ground and it turned towards me, its nails still dripping with his blood. I took the silver rod from my boot and held it in my hand and walked towards it. It was a type of crowbar, I held it with both hands over my shoulder when I was closer to it. It came towards me and I moved my arms forward. It hit its face and it was angrier than the other one had been.

"Bri don't!" Dean yelled.

"Take care of Sam, I'll distract him!" I yelled. I slammed the silver rod into it again. Dean went over to Sam. I rammed the rod into it, but it didn't go into the right place. It pulled it out and threw it across the clearing. It disappeared. I looked over at Dean and he looked into my eyes. Sam was sitting up, looking at me.

"Were here to find missing people right?"

"Bri, what do you think your going to do?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to find them." I said. I backed up into the trees and was grabbed by it.

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