Please Read: A/N

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I want to apologize for my very slow update, lot's of stuffs have been happening lately, and I can't focus on anything. So I write and update with every chance I get. And I hope and asks for your patience. Please, continue reading no matter how idle my updates were. Please give me more feedbacks tell me how you find my story or suggestions or bla bla bla :) Please give me a chance to share with you my new passion and please be kind enough to support and encourage me which I will wholeheartedly appreciate. And a vote won't hurt, just click or tap the star button it means a lot to me, really. And.. if you don't mind share my story as well. Hehehehe. I'm not a very confident person you know.. And words of encouragement will be a great help.
And please forgive my flaws and grammatical errors. I'm still learning so don't put your expectations too high. Nevertheless, do know that I'm really trying and giving my very best to make this story compelling and entertaining. Please don't give up on me and my story. I will try with everything I've got to not make you regret it and think of it as waste of time.

That would be all (for now) a bunch of thank you and tons of love for you all. Hugs & Kisses :)

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