Chapter One: Cold Nights

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The moonlight illuminated the dark and snowy forest. Snow slowly started to fall from the sky. The crunching of the snow could be heard as a small crimson-haired girl treaded, barefoot, in the snow. Dark, almost black, blood covered her cheeks and her white hospital gown. From the cold crisp air, scars on her arms were visible. The scars traced all down her arms. A few of them had a purplish tint to them but most have them looked black and vein-like. The girl came to a stop at a barbed-wire fence. Off in the distance, she could hear dogs howling and see the light of a little cabin. Sliding under the fence her arm gets caught by the barbed wire. Turning her head she watched as pure black blood rolled down her arm. Pulling her arm back by force the barbed wire only tore at her skin even more. Once her arm was finally free, cold black blood poured out her wound. The girl just continued towards the cabin...

(A/N): This is in Russia. So these casuals speak Russian. Which I'll address with [R] because Ash speaks English.

Eve: *cuddles next to her boyfriend, Felix, because she spooked*

Braxton: *insert some spooky story because this is what you do at parties in the middle of nowhere*

Felix: [R] *sighs* Bro- You're scaring my property.

Braxton: [R] L E t  M e  f I N I s h, b R o! *the guy was obviously wasted*

Eve: [R] *drops her hydro flask out of pure fear* And I oop- sksksksksksksksksksksksksk-

Ash: [R] Fucking VSCO girls -._-.

Emma: [R] *hugs Ash* Awww~ Don't judge Eve, sksksksks, she's perfect just the way she is...

Ash: [R] Unhand me you unworthy swine before I put you back in the fridge- 

Eve: [R] Ew- Ash, your like so fucking sexist.

Ash: [R] W h a t.

Emma: [R] Yeah. I'm not Y O U R property.

Ash: [R] Where I'm from, women would get on hands and knees before my presence!

Felix: [R] *stands up and looks down on Ash* Lookin' for a fight brah?

Ash: (゙ `-')/

Braxton: [R] Bro, he's lookin for a fight, brah-

Ash: [R] *facepalms* You know what I'll just make my own sandwich. *mutters stuff about how he was assigned to this mission*

Felix: [R] Fag... *he scoffs then looks at Braxton* Bro. Why'd you invite him?! He's gay!

Braxton: [R] Dude, *insert the Juul* He's in my lit class. He's like hella smart. We get in good with him, he can get us all the grades.

Felix: [R] BRO! *insert bro hug* You're so fucking smart. I love you. No homo.

Braxton: [R] Love you too bro, no homo. >:')

Insert feeble cries of dogs as if they're in pain then silence

Ash: *he's icy blue eyes avert to the sliding doors where he saw Amelia off in the distance killing the dogs* .....Ah~ Finally she's arrived~ *jerking his head to the side, the lock on the door becomes lock'nt*

Eve: [R] *g a s p* What happened to the puppies?!

Emma: [R] And I oop- Go check it you, Braxton!

Braxton: [R] Are you insane!!! I have like 25k on Insta, if I die I'll lose all my followers!

Felix: [R] I have my streaks to keep up with!

Eve: [R] But you two are the only ones who are actually strong!

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