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Harry's P.O.V

"Oh that's Mark, my friend!" Niall smiled.

Mark.. I know that name.. But where from?


Mark and Eric..

The phone call..

Could this be THE Mark?!

"Oh and how do you know Julia?" I narrowed my eyes on him.

"When she was thirteen she was my girlfriend." He laughed.




"Could you excuse me for one minute." I walked out of the room and grabbed my phone.

I dialled a number.



"Hello?" He answered.

"Louis!" I yelled.

"Yes, what's wrong Haz?"

"You know how I told you about Mark and Eric?" I asked.


"Well Mark is with Niall, Zayn and Liam at Liam's apartment, get here now!" I whispered

"Yes sir!" He chuckled before hanging up.

I went to sit back down with Mark and I began to have a conversation with him. He was quite the joker.

*Knock* *Knock*

I ran to the door and opened it.

"Hey BooBear" I smiled.

"Aye Haz" He laughed.

I pulled him into the lounge room and introduced him to Mark.

"So, Mark.. You got Julia pregnant.." Louis gritted his teeth.

"I didn't know I got her pregnant, I thought I only slept with her! Whoa, awesome!" He yelled throwing his fist in the air as if to say 'victory'.

"Yeah, No.. Would you like to join us? We're going to Nandos." Louis said cheerfully.

Mark nodded and then sat up from the couch. "Let's go then." Lou shrugged.

We walked out the door, Lou on my right.. And Mark on my left...

I looked at Louis and he nodded.


We walked into an alleyway..

"Guys.. Um Nandos is that way.." Mark looked at Liam's apartment as it slowly disappeared in the distance.

"Change of plan" Lou smirked

"I know what you guys are doing." Mark chuckled evilly.

"Whatever" I grumbled.

We stopped at the dead end of the alleyway.

"You both know about the story, don't you."

"Uh, w-what story" I stuttered.

"You know that I tried to rape Julia when she was thirteen.. that my brother and I bullied her.. That we slit her wrist, twice and that I called her like 10 months ago and told her that I would find her." He smirked.

I kneed him in the stomach and threw a fist at his face.

"What did you do to Julia" I pushed him against the wall.

"This guy knows, what I did" Mark said slinging his arm around Louis shoulder.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT I KNOW!" Lou yelled pushing him away.

"I know alot of people, like friends, stalkers, patients, nurses..Doctors." He whispered.

"What's your last name.." I looked him in the eye.

"I'm Mark Marshall." He winked.

I froze.

Julia's favourite Doctor...

Julia's favourite doctor was Doctor M.

Doctor Marshall?

No No No No No.

"My brother.. Is Doctor M.. If that's what your thinking" he grinned mischievously.

This guy was clever.


I nodded slowly..

I began to throw forceful punches against Marks face as Louis held him back.

"Haha, I don't care what you do" he wiped the blood off of his cheek with his shoulder.

"And why not" I grinned, punching him painfully in the stomach.

"Because Dr Marshall, is with Julia at this very second, you've sort of got know hope in the world to save her" he smirked

I froze.. Again.

I pushed Marks head against the wall and watched him slide to the ground unconscious, blood running from his face and arms, bruises on his cheeks and around his eyes, a swollen lip with deep cuts, front teeth missing and blood dribbling from his mouth. Oh and possible a broken arm, it looks as if a bone is sticking out.

I hopped in the car dragging Lou with me and drove at top speed.

"Lou tell me, how Julia got pregnant NOW!" I yelled.

He nodded and began speaking.




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