Second Chances [3/3]

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Months later
Jungkook's PoV

I was at my bedroom, crying because my boyfriends broke up with me saying that I deserve someone better...and the reason is because I told them about what BTS told me.


After talking with BTS, I go back to my boyfriends..

"So, what did you guys talk about?" Mark hyung questioned me.
"Yeah, and why is your eyes red and puffy?" Jaebum hyung asked me.
"They apologized and told me they accept my confession to them." I said.
"And what did you say?" Jinyoung hyung asked me

"I said to them that I don't want to cheat on you guys and if we're over ,I'll give them their second chance" I stated.
"Oh okay, baby" Jackson hyung said.

/Time skip/
6 months later
Yugyeom's PoV

Me and my Hyungs were thinking about what Jungkook told us and decided that he deserved better even though It hurts us, Jungkook's happiness will make us happy.

And after 6 months, we decided to break up with Jungkook...

Calling Jungkook🐰❤....

'Hello, Yugyeom' Jungkook said on the other line
"Hi Bubba, can you come here in the dorm we have something tell you" I said nervously because I don't know what's his reaction when we tell him.
'Sure, I'll come' He said happily which made me almost tear up because he was happy to see us
"OK, Bye baby" I said
'Bye bye' He said

"What did he say?" Bambam asked me
"He said he'll come" I said
"I'm nervous about his reaction" Youngjae hyung said
"It'll be okay" Jaebum reassured us but he also looked nervous.

10 minutes later

There was a knock on the door and we immediately know it was Jungkook...
Jinyoung hyung opened the door and hugged Jungkook.

"Hi hyungs" Jungkook said
"Hi Kookie" We all said in unison
"So, what do you guys want to talk about?" Jungkook asked us
"Gukkie, please don't be mad at us" Jackson hyung said
" Why would I be mad at you guys?" He asked

"Jungkook, we're breaking up with you" I said nervously
"W-what?" He said tearing up
"W-why did I-I do something w-wrong?" He asked us while tears fall to his pale cheeks
"Jungkook, you deserve someone better....we thought about what you said 6 months ago and decided to let you go" Jinyoung hyung said also tearing up

"O-okay but we'll still be friends,right?" Jungkook said
"Yes baby, we'll still be friends" Jackson hyung said and hugged Jungkook who cried on his chest..

/Flashback ends/

1 Month later
Jungkook's PoV

Now I fully moved on and started a new life and I'm still friends with Got7....

I was at the mall buying myself some clothes when I saw 6 familiar figures not far from where I was standing and I decided to approach them.

"Hey!! Hyungs!!" I shouted so they can hear me.
They turned their heads to my direction and smiled
"Hey Gukkie!!" They shouted back

When I got to where they were standing I hugged them making them shocked.
"Hyungs, how are you guys I haven't seen you for a while" I said to them with a pout
"We we're just busy with our works" Namjoon hyung said
"Oh where's your boyfriends?" V hyung asked me
I gave them a sad smile and said..
"We broke up 6 months ago" I said
"Oh, sorry to hear that" Jin hyung said glaring at V hyung who held his hands up mouthing 'sorry'

"Does that mean we get to have our second chance?" Yoongi hyung said excitedly while Jin hyung facepalmed.
I giggled but nodded my head.
They all smiled and hugged me tight.

2 months later

The Hyungs started courting me when we met up in the mall, and today I decided to answer them

Calling Jimin Hyung❤.....

"Hello, Jimin hyung" I said through the phone
'Oh, Jungkook ah what's up' He said
"Let's meet up in the park, I have something to tell you guys" I said smiling but I know he won't see it
'Okay, I'll tell the Hyungs and Taehyung' He said
"Okay, bye Hyung" I said
'Okay, bye Gukkie' He said and I hung up the call.

/Time skip/

I arrived at the park and saw them already there...

"Oh, you guys are already here" I said
"Of course" Hobi hyung said excitedly
"So, what were you gonna tell us?" Taehyung hyung asked me
"Yes!" I said excitedly while blushing
"Yes what?" Yoongi hyung said confused
"Yes, I'll be your boyfriend" I said still blushing

They got shocked and I was suddenly lifted up by Jin hyung which got me shocked because of the sudden move, Jin hyung then twirled me around making me giggle and slightly dizzy so I hitted his shoulder.

"Ouch, Kookie that hurt" He said putting me down
"Well, you shouldn't have twirled me around" I said holding to Namjoon hyung who was standing beside me.
"Okay, sorry baby" He said making me blush at the petname.

"Thank you for the Second Chances, baby"


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