chapter two ✰

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Real hot girl shit
Yeah I'm in my bag but, i'm in his too
And that's why every time you see me I've got some new shoes

I stick my tongue out for the 'uh' part as I hear laughs.

I turn around and see all of the guys laughing at me.

Elmo sticks his tongue out and copies me as I roll my eyes.

Since when does Elmo invite friends for dinner on Sundays, I only did that with Hannah!

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Mom said I could invite them over for dinner"

"You couldn't give me a warning? I'm busy down here"

"Do TikToks in your room"

"No, the lighting here is better"

"Since when do you care about lighting?"

"Since I hit a hundred thousand followers"

All of the guys ooo as Elmo rolls his eyes.

"A hundred thousand is nothing because I have two hundred thousand!"

"You have TikTok?"

It's been two weeks of the new school year and Elmo and I have become very close with our new friend groups.

"Anyway, since you get to invite all of your friends, I'm inviting mine"

"I don't care about your other friends, I only care about that sexy chick Hannah"

"She doesn't like you, get over yourself!"

"I know she doesn't like me, she loves me!"

I grab my phone and walk past the guys and upstairs as Elmo mimics me once again.

I go into my room and close the door, doing a Group FaceTime call with Hannah, Addy, Jada and Gabby. What I loved about them is that all of them always pick up, no matter what they're doing.

"Hey Girls, you down for dinner at mine tonight?"

"Yeah, I've got nothing on since Andre canceled our date"

"I don't have anything on either"


"I was already going so yeah!" Hannah says.

"Well every Sunday, Hannah comes over for dinner but this week Elmo decided to invite all of his friends so I'm gonna invite you guys!"

"Wait! Is Andre there?"

"I think I saw him, yeah"

"Can you please go down and tell him to answer his phone? He didn't explain why he canceled" Gabby says.

"No way, he canceled your date for his friends?" Addy asks.

"I think that's what happened"

I walk downstairs again as the guys look at me.

"Um, Andre?"

"What up?"


"Can you put him on the phone?" Gabby asks.

Hannah, Jada and Addy leave the call as I walk over and hand the phone to Andre.

"Baby, hi!"

"Babe, you could've told me that you canceled for the guys! I was about to start getting ready"

"I'm sorry, it's just that-"

Andre stands up and walks off with my phone to talk with Gabby as I awkwardly sat on the couch, waiting for him to come back.

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