Chapter 2: Loud First Day

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Sorry to tell you this but this is a warning to people. If you're not comfortable with reading some strong language like cursing and junk then don't bother reading the story. The reader in this story has a bit of a potty mouth.

You awoke to your alarm and angerily got up and silenced it. You were about to take a shower when a ringing at the door changed you to your senses and made you cautious.

Grabbing one of the knives, you went to the door and checked the pep hole. Outside their was a man with an odd attire and was holding a box.

"Ma'am! I'm with Meiji Candy! I have this months candy for you." He informed. You breathed an air of relief as you put the weapon away and opened the door happily.

 You breathed an air of relief as you put the weapon away and opened the door happily

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"Here you go...(Y/n)....Wait as in!-" as he was about to shout out your identity. You loudly thanked him with a strained smile and slammed the door. The delivery man sadly went back to his van empty handed of a signature he need for mail purposes and an autograph from the popular singer (Y/n). He thought about it and recalled he'd be the main carrier to deliver your monthly candy. He happily drove away with that thought.

You opened your box and practically drooled at all the variety of candy and all of it was for you! You stuffed some into your backpack and prepared for school. You weren't a fan of uniforms but you couldn't help but like the feel of one since you never went to school.
You walked to school and enjoyed the scenery. The trees were blooming cherry blossoms and the weather was nice and cool. Spring...

You arrived a minute late and went to the office to look for the principle.

"Ms.(Y/n) over here!"

"Good morning..."

"Good morning to you too! We're very honored that you choose our school to go too. We promise to make your school days a great one! We'll also try to keep the students in check... but you can't help them! You're a wonderful singer! Oops I voiced my feeling out loud, my apologies." She said laughing while fanning the air.

"That's alright! I'm used to it."

'Christ I was hoping she wasn't a fan of mine, time for the ditsy act.'

The principle led you to your homeroom. But before you could enter she stopped you.

"Would a picture with you be to much?"

'Yes it would be... omfg.'

"Hmm I don't know~♡ I hope you won't post it online."

"I promise I won't! This is just to uh make a mark for memories!"

'Liar...ugh help me.'

"Alright~♡" you said smiling but you were severely annoyed.

After one picture she said goodbye and left to continue her work as a principle.

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