Imagine #1

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In this imagine your name is Jenny Kennedy. Your boyfriends name is August Alsina and He's a Famous Singer. You and him are in High School and you're 15 and he's 16. You've been going out for 2 years and you still haven't given yourself to him yet. But now you feel ready enough to break your virginity with him because you love him.

Today is your 2nd year Anniversary and you are thinking of giving it to him tonight but you're not sure when. But he told you he has a surprise for you.

* skipping to date *

Me : Baby are we getting there yet, remember you got my eyes blindfolded!

August : Relax ... now we are here. * unblinds my eyes *

Me : August! Oh my god!!! *kissing him passionately * I Love you.

In front of us was a candle lit dinner table under the full moon on the beach. After the dinner y'all went back to the hotel y'all rented for this occasion and went to watch a movie.

August : Love, what do you want to watch?

Me : Lets watch a * hesitantly * a horror.

August : You sure?

Me : Im Sure, besides if I get scared I'll creep up in your chest.

August : Ok. * putting the DVD of Rosemary's Baby on * Honey Relax dont freak out ok.

Me : I wont.

During the movie You got so bored You asked august to change the movie and he put Cladilac Records the one with Beyoncè on.

Then a sex scene came on and You saw August dick getting a bit happy. Then You knew that that was my time to do it. So You sat on his lap and started to grind on him.

August : * groans * Damn Ma. What you doing?

Me : Baby its your anniversary gift.

August : You sure about this Ma?

Me : Yes! Blow me away.

Then One thing led to another and you where in his bedroom NAKED! You keep on kissing intensely non - stop. Darn it his lips are soft. Then he positioned himself in front of your entrance.

August : Baby? You ready for My dick?

Me : Nigga quit playing with me and do it!

August : Dont cry if I hurt you ok.

Me : Im not a baby, only babies cr- gco

August thrust deep inside you and you feel like something tore up in your vijay and it fucking hurts.

Me :* screaming * Fuck August, why didn't you tell me it would hurt so bad!

August : * thrusting * I said don't cry and with that don't whine! You fucking asked for it!

Me : * walls tighten * A a a a August Fucken Anthony Fucken Alsina! You are hurting my fucking pussy.

August : * kisses you, still thrusting * You talk too much, Shut the Fuck up! And don't tighten your walls baby my dick is still in you!

Me : Ok, * pleasure emerges * Ah August this shit is good! FUCK MY PUSSY!!!

August : * hitting your spot * You like that huh? You like it when Daddy fucks your pussy? * going full speed *

Me : * moaning * Shit. Your name is * screaming * DADDY!

August puts you in all fours, face down ass up. He started pounding hard in you and he paused and came in your pussy.

Me : Ah fuck August.

August : * thrusting * You love this dick right? And you dont wanna get daddy angry because he will punish that pussy. * pulls his dick out of you *

August falls on the bed and you put your head on his chest and you drift off to sleep. August looks at you and chuckles.

August : I Guess I wore her out *kisses your forehead * I love u. * sleeps *

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