chapter fifty four

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I am terribly sorry for the late update I have been having that awful block and it was really bad I am terribly sorry. Thanks for everyone who has been supporting me this means so much to me feel free to read any of my other books and please comment your thoughts and tell me what you think, love you all ♡.

Malik point of view:

I held Brianna in my arms as she slept. She looked so innocent, angelic and cute. I couldn't even imagine my life without her around, and hopefully that baby will bond us together in more ways that I ever dreamed. I continued reading the book she got as she slept. I had stayed up the previous night reading as I wanted to be the best father I could ever be. I will love it unconditionally and it would never doubt their parent's love the way I did.

I decided to memorize all the baby songs just for them. I didn't care how that made me sound as long as my baby was happy and so was Brianna. She was for some reasons growing prettier. She was pregnant with my own child. I had never seen it coming and that was probably the best part about it. I sure wasn't ready, but I would be. I had eight months that was enough. Plus, I already started working.

Brianna and I never talked about that and I was thankful because it would have been awkward and I would have probably hurt her with words because I didn't want to hurt her in anyway. I didn't want kids but now that we were already expecting one there was no holding back and no regrets. If I was ever having children, it would be with Brianna so why deny it?!

She tossed in my arms as she snuggled closer to me and I stayed still for a second. I didn't want to wake her up. I already knew that it would take her so much energy and with her father's death, things weren't really would I would call 'perfect pregnancy environment', because if anything it was a big fat mess.

I kissed her forehead and then continued reading as I started to think about ways to get revenge on that Derek and that Alex, but I couldn't leave Brianna's side like that without her hating me or killing me. I sighed again. I didn't know what to do. It was taking every single bone in me not to kill him. That guy was a father figure to me, and he was Brianna's father. Brianna didn't need all that stress.

My phone buzzed getting my attention. I held it and found a text from the devil himself, Derek. That fucking filthy piece of shit.

Hope you and Brianna liked the pregnancy present. Watch out Malik! If everything went as planned, you won't even see your waited baby.

My jaw clicked as my body tensed. I hated how they dared threaten me those filthy pieces of shit that was nothing better than the dirt on my shoes. I relaxed when I felt Brianna's lips kissing my very own chest. I relaxed as she woke up. She rubbed her eyes and smiled. She wasn't in her best appearance. But to me she looked like a fucking model. She had that glow on her face. She smiled at me and then said, "Sorry, I slept. I don't know what got to me. I have been sleeping a lot lately."

I smiled as I didn't mind her at all. In fact, I loved how she slept in the arms of a beast like myself. I just kissed her forehead and said, "No, don't worry, I prefer you resting."

I closed my phone and put it next to me as she gave me a wider smile. I knew she was feeling so much pain, but I knew better than asking her to give up the fake smile. I knew that she wasn't putting it for me, but for herself as much as it frustrated me, it was better than her tears. I hugged her and then said, "Your mother and Grace are coming around, honey! Get ready! I have few stuff to do."

She nodded with a smile as she got up. As soon as she did, she ran to the bathroom. I followed her as she threw up. I rubbed her back whispering positive words into her ears. She need that more than ever. She needed me more than ever. She looked at me as tears left her eyes. She hugged me close as I kept whispering in her ears how good she was. She soon smiled at me, and traced her tears away. She looked at herself in the mirror and washed her face.

She was a little distant. I fucking felt it through that hug but I didn't comment. I didn't want to spoil her mood more especially that her hormones will be so bad. I preferred if her mother and Grace dealed with her through that as I had some stuff to do. I had a fucking target to shoot. Brianna changed into some presentable clothes. She wore a short and a hoodie that covered the shorts. It was one of mine and I liked it more than ever.

"It has your manly scent. I am gonna need it when you're not around, do you mind?!" She said with a weak sad smile. Her eyes were still red. I shook my head as she smiled. I smiled back and then said,"You're always welcome to take it. You know I love it when you take it."

"Yeah, I know," she said as peaked my lips.

"I have to get ready," I said with a smile as she nodded but then said, "Do you seriously have to?!"

I nodded as kissed her. I pulled back sooner than I wished but I had to do that. I changed into some outfit that I randomly picked and then waited for Grace and Brianna's mother to crash in. I stayed with her for an extra thirty minutes, full of kissing and talking. She had a lot planned for the upcoming kid. It was one lucky baby for sure. I smiled at her the entire time and gave her few opinions that she thankfully loved. I loved how her eyes shined when she talked about our new ray of sunshine. I couldn't wait to hold it and I knew she couldn't too. I knew she would love it way too much and I never minded that. She was loving a piece of me.

Soon after, we heard a knock on the door. Brianna guessed that it was my cue to leave. She gave me a goodbye kiss that I loved so much, and then I opened the door. I greeted the two women and then took my leave. I had a mission to end.

Watch out, Derek and Alex! I am putting an end to this.

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