hate -.-

(((guys this isn't gonna be funny if u don't wanna read bc it's not funny then don't but it's important so suck my ass)))

So I made a whole big deal about this last time and um it's important to me because of personal experiences and ITS NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE.



cyberbullies are mean to you not because they actually have something against you, but they're jealous of you. If you post a selfie and some bitch calls you a 6 year old, they just want your face okay

another reason people bully (I'm sure all your teachers have told you about this shit) is because they don't feel good about themselves. and its extremely cruel to feel better, once someone else is feeling worse because of you.


Bullies are cruel and horrible human beings. I know we can all not be the nicest person some times; we all have our days.

But if you're continually picking on people every day, then that's what I have a problem with.

This hate and bullying needs to come to a stop. I'm taking a stand against it from personal experience, have you ever had experience with bullies?

Have you ever been a bully?

Maybe I was a bully sometimes. I had temper issues and self restraint issues. My parents had to put me on pills to stop me from being a bitch to everyone. That was last year. And I'm admitting it. I'm extremely ashamed of it, but I confessed.

I have also been bullied many times before. In grade one, my "best friend" was trying to control who I was friends with. My parents banned me from being her friend, and I thank them for that.

But, after that, things only got worse. The girl (let's call her bitch face) so bitch face tried to turn all my other friends against me.

For a period of time (a long period of time) I had no friends. They had all taken bitch face's side.

Until an adult got involved and shit got solved blah blah blAH

So if you're being bullied, TALK TO SOMEONE! I'm sure there are people who know how to help you and have probably gone through the same thing.

Like me, for example. If you ever need help, advice, or just a shoulder to cry on, im always here. And I love making new friends. I also love giving support to people. They say it's one of my talents, giving support.

So, comment your story or PM me if you guys need anything, EVER.

I love you guys SOSOSOSO much

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