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A Passion That Was Poison
This is a an excerpt and the prologue is out now!! Please go check it out, it's on my profile! Also I will have a new update soon for Her Rock!! Enjoy!! P.s don't worry this is short.

Elizabeth's POV:

His chestnut hair was lush and full, his ash grey eyes were truly one of a kind. A straight nose, thick eyebrows, and oh so soft lips. Jay was a dark kind of beautiful, he had some tattoos nothing to extreme.

Jay was different, unlike anybody I have ever met. I liked that about him. He made me smile and laugh. But he also had the ability to make me scared, to make me cry.

His rough hands would caress my warm cheeks, he would tell me he loved me. Maybe in his own way he did. I loved him and that became my downfall. I loved him even after he hurt me countless of times.

Jay was blunt, he said whatever was on his mind, good or bad. His attitude was incredible, and let me tell you he had many. I've seen it, I've encountered it, and boy I wish sometimes I hadn't.

Love makes you crazy, it makes you lenient, it makes sightless. You makes up excuses, and that's how you know when you're undoubtedly in love with someone.

Little did I know my relationship was toxic. His underlying passion was poison. I ignored the signs, let them slip right past my mind. I shouldn't have, but because I was stupid and ignorant I did. It was my mistake, and I certainly regret it.

People say "Love is blind.". You don't know how accurate that is until you have experienced it.

For my astonishing foolishness I have payed the price.

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