47) "Happily Ever After" Ⓡ (For Heather)

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"Baby doll.." He cooed into your ears. "Yes, Mr.Bieber?" You said, with a wink. "I love you Mrs. Bieber" He whispered into your ears, as you both stepped into your suite. You smiled, as his hands entwined with yours, and you immediately thought of the wedding, and you blushed. Getting married to Justin was a dream. All those days, where you read fanfictions on your weddings, and all, they're all true! Finally!

You took a deep breath, as he shut the door, and locked it. You sat on the corner of the bed, wondering what was coming next. Your heart was pounding, and your face was colored with bright red, along with a beautiful smile plastered across your face. He walked to you, as he slowly admired all of your sharp features. 

He sat beside you, but no, he sat a little far away by mistake. He moved closer to you, and leaned his head on the side of your arm, just below your shoulder. You were smiling, like an idiot, looking at your ring on your finger. He noticed, and he shot his eyes up into yours. He whispered "Babe? Heather! Aww, look at you!" and he chuckled. 

You giggled, and said "I can't believe it, Oh gosh, I'm really married to you or what?". He nodded his head, and replied "Nope, its all real." His hands slowly drew around your waist, and his face had the biggest smirk. Butterflies were erupting, your toes were already curled up just thinking of it happening. "Baby, I love you." He whispered into your ear, his hand slowly dragging the zipper of your dress down. You closed your eyes, just making sure you don't interrupt him while he does something amazing to you.

He kicked off his shoes, and shirt. He was half naked, only with his pants on. He pushed you, so you fell back on the bed. He hovered over your figure, and kissed your lips, while his hands were in yours. His lips, slowly moved to the side of your face, down your jawline, then your neck. It was hot, passionate, and almost made you throw up since you were way too excited, and happy, all at once.

His breath was hot, and fanning over you. His hands slowly brought the dress down your body, and threw it away. He smirked, thinking of all those things he planned to do to you. His hands brushed softly, at your thighs, the sides of your legs, your hips, your chest, and then your neck. He sat you up and hugged you, kissing your neck, while very skillfully unclasping your honeymoon lingerie. The click of it, made you blush, as you knew that he was going to see all of you, and there was nothing you could even try hiding from him.

You closed your eyes in embarassment, thinking of what he would think of you. He laid you down, and brought your hands away from your face, which where hiding your face, so he wouldn't see how you felt. He observed your face, and whispered "Baby, you don't have to be embarassed. You're way too beautiful to be kept hidden for such a long time." and brushed your mounds. It made your hair stand at the end, wondering if you really were as beautiful as described you. You were just an ordinary girl. You're no victoria's secret model, or a hollywood actress, but he says you're his dream girl, and that you have everything he needs, and wants.

He kissed the middle of your chest, careful enough not to dumbfound you, or scare you. His lips were making their way to one of your engorged bundle of nerves, and you were getting hotter, as your heart pounded every second. You almost thought that he would see your heart thumping. His lips finally touched your mound, and your hands involuntarily placed themselves in his hair.

He kissed it, and did everything he could possibly do, as though he waited for an eternity to do this. He switched to the other mound, and it was again, impossible for you to breathe. All of this was intolerable. He very slowly moved down, until his face was parallel to that hot, aching centre of yours. The sheer cloth that hid your womanhood, was being dragged down to your ankles, with his hands. When he pulled them down, his fingers too, brushed your legs which eventually made you shiver.

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