Cocktails and Converstions

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Hey everyone! I have been busy heading back to college but I'm still writing this story so just look for updates!
Sorry for making you wait so long!💘

Chapter 12

Amelia's Perspective

It was now Friday afternoon and the day had passed rather quickly, our English class quite uneventful and included a quiz that went surprisingly well considering my lack of reading. Fashion Design was nothing but sewing, adding the jewels, and making sure the lengths of the sleeves would fit properly. Jenifer had been busy all day with her classes and told me she was heading into London with her class to go sightseeing. I didn't blame her for leaving me since I had planned to go out to dinner with Louis tonight.

This would be our second date technically, the first was not the best experience for obvious reasons but I was hoping his would somehow go better. He had planned for us to eat at the restaurant which was again near the school. The name was something like Bellissima Cuisine, it was Italian and just the thought of a plate of pasta made my mouth water. I returned from showering and decided on some dark denim pants with a white silky blouse and black boots that I had. But as the time grew closer to 7:00 I started to become anxious.

I gathered my room key, building key, wallet, gum, lip gloss, and did a spin of my room trying to make sure there wasn't anything I had forgotten. I could use one of those sarcastic speeches from Jenifer right about now. I took one last glance in the mirror at the bun I had pulled my hair into and sighed at myself before pointing and saying, "You are a sophisticated, intelligent, and sexy ass girl Emilia, now go have fun?" God I was such a dork on the inside. I hurried out the door and down the hall, it was now 7:05 and I began to panic feeling embarrassed walking up late.

As I rounded a corner of the main building I began to reach for my phone out of my purse when suddenly I bumped into someone causing my things to fly from my purse. "Great, just perfect, first I'm late, now this." I fumbled on the ground gathering my items when I realized how rude I was being, "I'm so sorry about running into you—"

I looked up to gaze at the familiar boy who had been haunting me for a while now. "Oh, it's just you." I sighed in relief as I continued grabbing my items. Harry and I were on good terms, or so I believed, we hadn't exactly worked anything out but after the other night I felt like we may have a chance at some sort of friendship.

"Well it's lovely to see you too Emilia," he began while squatting down grabbing my gum for me, "you look lovely by the way." I glanced up at him as he grabbed my arm, helping me back to my feet from the floor.

I gave him a kind smile and looked down feeling like I was about to blush. "Are you going somewhere tonight?" He asked me with hopeful and curious eyes. I never noticed it before, but he had this sort of face that could bring comfort to anyone. His eyes looked deeply into mine as I analyzed his features. There was something about the way he gave you a look almost as if trying to understand what you were feeling without saying anything.

"Emilia?" he questioned again to me as I blinked realizing I was staring, "are you alright?" I cleared my throat and looked back up at him.

"Yeah, I'm sorry it's been a long day," I said giving a small smile, "I'm heading out to dinner with Louis to answer your question, he wanted to make up for what happened the other night at the pub."

When he heard this his softened features suddenly tensed, "Well isn't he just a gentleman?" he snickered rolling his eyes. "Let me guess he's taking you to Belissima cuisine?" he questioned looking at me.

"He is." I looked at him feeling confused, "Look Harry whatever you're about to say please don't." I gave him a look of hope.

"I know I don't know you very well, so I have no right to judge your character or make assumptions about you as a person. I can tell you have a good heart Harry and I know the past few weeks have been messy to say the least, but right now I need this. I need him." I looked up at him, his face softening at my words, "I don't know much about Louis, and maybe you do, but he's shown me nothing but kindness and aid. I'm sure he's flawed but I owe it to myself to go with him, to be open."

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