Chapter 2

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 I sit in the carriage, the bumpy road making my body almost fly everywhere. It is now dark outside, and my cape has no use anymore. I try to, or more likely attempt to try to take the cape from my head, but the person sitting in front of me reaches out for my hands and says, “No, not yet.”

 It seems much longer then only being a few hours ago my father was assassinated, my mother fainted and was taken away and whom I haven’t seen since. After that I was gone from the world, I think I was knocked out and I found out my brother and sister, Daniel and Sarah, was hurried into a carriage. Then after I was put into a carriage with my twin brother and sister, Edward and Jane, immediately after I was awakened, the twins were taken out and put into a different carriage after about what seemed like five hours of a non-stop ride into the country.

 Now, I am alone with a person who will not speak unless needed, and I don’t know what is going on.

It has been dark for a few hours now, and I am almost about to burst out screaming to know what has happened! I have asked for a lightened candle, to give me some light, but even that I may not have. I want to see and talk to this person who is in the carriage with me. But if I talk I am hushed quickly. I ask why, and am threatened to not speak. I am about to either scream, or faint because I am so confused. I have been told nothing, not one thing of what is going on.

 I start to fidget in my seat, and I can sense the person’s eyes on me. I sigh once, wait a few minutes, and sigh again. Then I jump to the sound of thunder. I have been so used to only hearing the bumping of the carriage that even thunder scared me. Then, rain hit the carriage within seconds, pouring down hard. I thought it was winter? Rain should be snow. I look out the window, and all I see is blank. Of course it is blank, what else would it be? Then lightning strikes the sky, lighting a silhouette of a long open road that goes out forever. Besides the road, there is land upon land going on which seems like it never ends. But when the lightning flash is over, the outside is blank again.

 I sigh; the rain is something to listen to. “I think we are far enough away now.” I hear from the person sitting across from me.

 I laugh. “Do you think?” I say, upset that it has taken this long to finally talk. “Now, can you tell me what is going on? Where my family is? And perhaps you could tell me why my father was assassinated in front of my siblings?!” I yell hysterically.

 “Please, don’t yell. We are safe now, but you never know.” The person says.

 “And what is your problem? I couldn’t see your face when it was day, and we can't even have a light when it is dark! And when my twin siblings were in here, I couldn’t talk to them! My sister was crying! All I could do was hold her!” I yell again.

 “Shh, please! Don’t yell. We can talk in a humanly manor, but it would be nice if you knew. But I guess they didn’t tell you anything.”

 I frown. “Excuse me? Tell me what? Who didn’t tell me? If I had known what?!” I said, my vice gradually going down.

 “You will know in time. But for now I can only have time to tell you certain things, later we may talk more freely. But you must know that what I tell you is all I may tell you now, and you must accept it. You must know now that I will not lie to you, all I will be telling you is the truth.” The person stopped talking, and I figured it was my turn to talk.

 “May I ask something though?”


 “May we take our capes off and get a candle?”

 “No. We need to keep all we can of our identity. But since I know your name, it is only fair that you may know mine. My name is-”

 “How is it that you know my name, but I d not know your name?” 

 The person laughs. “In time you may know, but, Victoria, we are losing time. How I know your name is a long story which I will tell you, but not now. What is important is that you know that your father was assassinated by people who have been out to kill all the first born children of your father’s family. We all thought we had an agreement for keeping peace through these people who were killing the firstborn of your family, but the day before your father was assassinated your grandfather was killed. We came to warn your family, but we were too late. Your father did too well of a job of hiding his family, God rest his soul. But, now that they have assassinated your father, they will be after the next firstborn-”

 “Daniel! Where is Daniel?! Is he safe?!” I yelled.

 “What do you mean is Daniel safe? Of course he is. You didn’t think they were after the first born son did you? It's not just the sons in general, it is the first born child. It doesn’t matter the gender, at all. It is the first born. They are after you Victoria.” My eyes widen.

 “You mean, they are looking to kill me?” I ask, hoping wildly that they aren’t.

 “Yes, you. Now I need you to understand that ever since you were born, I was assigned to keep you safe. I will NOT let anything, or anyone hurt or kill you while you are with me. I promise. But, the whole reason you are being chased, and the reason all your family was chased, was because you are a very special person, Victoria.

 “You are in control of practically anything you want. First of all, when you learn how, you and I can speak with our minds. We may converse without even speaking with our mouth. Now, being able to converse with your mind, you can also speak to animals. I know that seems like you won't need to speak to animals, but in tough situations, it will help.

 “The second most important thing, you can send out messages to people who aren’t with you. The third thing, you can read people’s minds, but only when they aren’t speaking. If they are speaking, and you try to read their mind, all it will do for you is end up in nothing. Next thing you need to know, you’re not the only one who has these type of things. As in your siblings. Daniel, Sarah, Edward and Jane. The first time this has happened. Usually it is the first child that has these ‘symptoms’. But your father realized all his children had these symptoms. You have the most, of course, as that was normal.

 “But then Daniel did something that really offset your father. And so did Sarah, Edward and Jane. Daniel has the ability to run really fast, and can make things catch on fire. Sarah can speak any language that is spoken to her, and can also converse back with a person who speaks that language. Also Sarah’s body can glow with an era of light. Edward can transport anywhere within an eighty mile range, and he can also read minds like you.

 “Jane, she has something we haven’t heard of in a while, which is something you also have. She can shape shift. As in she is Jane for one moment, and can turn into a different girl. You can't shift into an animal, but you can turn into a different person. Also, Jane can sing or make a noise and if directed in a certain direction or at one person, she can make either a person pass out or make an area of land dead. Say, perhaps, she needed to take down a tree to crush someone; she can make the tree die and fall on the person.

 “That is about it for what they can do, but you can also do the same thing they can. You aren’t confused too much, are you? I know this is a whole lot to take in all at once, but it is the truth. It will come together in your mind soon enough, I promise. Because you should have already known about this, but I can't help that.”

 I’m confused. How could I have not noticed seventeen years of having ‘powers’ of some sort?

 “So, you’re my protector?” I ask.


 “Ok, so what should I call you, guardian angel?” I ask being sarcastic.

 “Victoria, you may call me Felix. But one thing we need to be clear on for a second, ok? I am not a guardian angel; at all. I’m just here to protect you. I’m not an angel, but I am a guardian. I was picked for you when you were born. I was picked for you because we are supposed to be married. It's an arranged marriage. Like your mother, she was your father’s guardian. That is why your mother wanted you to know what it was like having arranged marriages. Because she knew you would have to marry me, your guardian.”

 My eyes widen again, and I was about to protest when Felix grabs me and pushes a dagger through my skull, killing me instantly. I didn’t even...have t...time to...think.

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