Angel Falling Chapter 1 ~End Of Winter Break~

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~~~~Chapter 1~~~~

Angel's P~O~V

I got up from my bed from yet another sleepless night.

Because I swear I'm nocturnal or something, 'cause I can sleep at night no matter how many times.

Infact Serena (my mother) always tells that when I was younger my father (Pete) would stay awake with me every night and by the next morning she'd found him outside while the lawn mower is chewing on his clothes.

Because you see Pete has a habit of sleep walking and doing random things in sleep and so when ever dozed off he'd either start mowing the lawn or putting the kitchen on fire or even watering the little bulldog next door and practically drowning it at that.

Which is exactly one reason why Serena and Pete have a lock on their door with only one spare key to it, whichstays with Serena at all times.

Though anyways I got out bed and went down into the kitchen just to walk up on Serena yelling at Pete with doodles all around her face in black marker.

Looks like Serena forgot to put away the permanent markers before bed and Pete just happened to feel like writing the grocery list on Serena's face and even weird looking bunny and birds on her face.

I laughed as quietly as I could while heading to the fridge so Serena won't blow on me.

I took out 5 eggs from the fridge and heard loud 'Oooouch' coming out of Pete's mouth I turned around to see that Serena had Pete by the ear and was dragging him in to the washroom saying, "If you think it's that easy taking permanent marker off of my face. Then YOU do it, Oh and if I even feel a little pain on my face from your useless efforts then I'm gonna hurt you ALOT more!" with that said the two of them disappeared in side the large wash roomand I could hear Pete yelling his protests.

I laughed to my self as I cracked open the eggs and started making two scrambled egg and two fryed and then one hard boiled.

I could hear the two of them bickering with each other and couldn't help laughing once or twice more because I just absolutely adored both of my parents.

I mean yeah they fight, but it's never really serious and I've never seen Serena mad at Pete for too long and I've NEVER seen Pete mad at Serena.

I know what you're thinking I'm describing the 'PERFECT' parents, right?

But truth is I'm not they're not perfect, but they are MY definition of perfect.

And I'm happy to have parents such as them.

I mean If you meet Pete outside due to business you'd think of him as the most controlled person ever.

Though truth is Pete is the most childish person ever.

He's a sleep walker and he absolutely loves when his wife treats him like a baby and he even told me that most of the time he does stuff such drawing on Serena's face just to see her mad at him like a mother.

Because absolutely loves Serena's mother mode, too bad they can never have children of their own I mean they tried to find some sort of way but the doctors said that the both of them lack the genes or chrome-somethings that allows people to have children. (And yes they can have**x, but they just can't have children)

And so they adopted me and spoiled me as much as they could between my stays in the hospitals and stuff.

Serena on the other hand is sweet loving women who absolutely adores children and loves me more than even my real mother would have.

And the one reason she fell in love with Pete was his childish side and I know that if it weren't for Pete, Serena wouldn't be the woman she is right now.

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