Angel Falling Chapter 1 ~End Of Winter Break~

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Pete got me Cane as my driver because it was easier that way to keep and eye on him and because Cane has a doctors degree and can handle my minor attacks easily.

I quickly consumed ALL of my many meds, ate my breakfast and stood up just in time to see an irritated Cane coming inside thehouse.

"Morning Cane" I said hand him a power bar and coffee from the coffee machine Serena remembered to turn on.

"You really need to be punctual, you know" Cane said sternly as he sipped from his coffee mug and bounded out side and waited with my door openfor me to get in the car so he cam close the door and and go tothe drivers side and drive me to school.

The ride to school was like usual: Cane giving me lectures on being 'punctual' and me looking out the window while listening to music onmy i-phone.

Within 30 minutes we were in front of my school and I was preparing myself to just persever and go through the first week and everything will be alright.

I looked throught the black tainted windows to see the students being dropped off or arriving at school either by bus, walking or in their expensive cars.

Then I looked up front to see Cane checking off his list on all my morning activities, I looked over his shoulder and he'd checked off: I'd ate breakfast, I'd had my meds, I'd prepared Pete and Serena's Breakfast, he put a need work on punctuality and from there on I stopped reading and hit him playfuly on the back.

"Hey, you can't blame ME for should I put this, flaws?" he asked joking with me because although I didn't tell Serena and Pete about what happened to me because I couldn't hurt them any more.

Though Cane being like an uncle figure to me I'd told him about everything and he knew I needed to calm down or I'll he'll need to bring out the machines and take care of yet another one of my attacks and I might even need to be taken to the hospital if my emotions get uncontrollable.

Which would be bad because I just came out of the hospital three days ago, because I had a few operations I had to do and I'd been there from ever since winter break started.

So as you can probably tell I didn't have much of a winter break either due to my operation and therapy the hospital insists I take because of all the meds and different techniques the doctors have used on me to figure out what's wrong with me.

Though soon as Cane kept on being a mean old jerk to me and I kept on hitting him and joking getting angry at him, I didn't notice that I was in a better mood already and so Cane got out of his seat and pulled my door open and helped me steady myself on the icy ground.

As I passed by Cane and headed to the school enterance Cane whispered, "If you don't feel like you can handle it, then just come out side and we can go for a long ride and even to the mall if you'd like." I gave him a smile and turned my back to him and the black enzo ferrari limo Serena gave as a christmas present to me.

Though since I couldn't drive it, it was also Cane's christmas gift from Serena.

She'd called it a one for two deal where everyone's happy and she was rightCane was happy for such an expensive gift and I was happy he was happy.

I snapped outof my daze to see that I was standing in front of the enterance gate and I'd better go in or I'm gonna be trampled or pushed aside by someone.

I entered feeling a few people looking at me, some even pointed and laughed, though I ignored it all and went to my locker to seea girl from the school newspaper club kissing Liam beside my locker, because his locker is next to my own~unfortunately.

I clenched my backpack and avoided looking there way best I could opened my locker and tried to ignore their moans andkissing noises as I emptied my backpack and took the books I'd need for the morning.

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