Angel Falling Chapter 1 ~End Of Winter Break~

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In a way I think they're perfect each other and will never regret being adopted by these two.

Tears came to my eyes though I held them back as I transfered the eggs on to three different plates and I the plate with fryed and a scrambled agg in front of Pete's chair, the other plaet with a fryed egg and a scrambled egg in front of Serena's chair and then the hard boiled egg and a few viles of meds (medicine) in front of my own chair.

Then I got out cranberry and orange juice, cranberry for Pete and orange for Serena and milk for my self.

Because due to all the meds I have to consume on a daily basis in the mornings I am permitted to eat only a small amount of food or I'll have to be taken to the operation room i'f ate alot or something that the doctors told me not to eat.

As soon as I set the table I went back up to my room to get ready for school since winter break just ended.

You see I usually set the breakfast because....well since Serena's always busy yelling at Pete who's a very stubborn dude and just loves to keep Serena busy while enjoying her angry face.

So if I don't do breakfast in the morning that we're all late for school and our respectful jobs since we can't go through day if we haven't had breakfast.

Some people would think that as a good habit, though in this household it's actually the worst habit anyone can have, because we're a very rowdy bunch.

~~~1 HOUR LATER~~~

I came down the stairs almost stumbling down them when Pete ran past as a red faced Serena came running after him yelling at him about her face and what ever Pete had done to it.

I controlled my stance and then proceeded down the stairs laughing to my self and making a note to myself to ask Serena about what Pete had done later on.

Because I didn't have much time left I had to leave for school and let's just say it takes me a while to get over the taste of the bad tasting meds.

Not to mention I had to prepare myself to return to THAT school with my head held high.

I know everyone thought of me as a slut and loved making fun of me ever since Liam made that speech at the christmas party our school held before winter break started.

In fact even hearing that name (Liam) put tears in my eyes, I know I was cruel to him in the begining, but I'd only done it because I didn't want him to hurt when I...well you know.

But back then I didn't know that from the begining Liam had only planned to break MY heart, what a fun joke to play to a girl that had already been broken from the inside.

But I don't blame him,I can't blame him.

Because I'm pretty sure there was a reason did that to me and if there wasn't.

I still don't blame him, because he did what he did it's his life and he can do as likes.

But I just wished he'd chosen some other girl to do so, I know I'm cruel for wishing this, but I wanted to have a happy life: be it schoolor home.

But whats happened, has happened and now it's in the past because I don't wanna die with a grudge at someone who is merely a nobody in my life.

I mean yeah there was a time in my life I had wished Liam could be a partof my life an important part at that; though now there was nothing but thin air in the place I'd emptied for him in my heart and that's how it's gonna be.

I snapped out of my daze to realize I only had half an hour left before my driver Cane will get irritated with me barge into the house and litterally drag me out the door.

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