My Angels and Sunshines

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You are amazing

Beautiful inside and out

Life isnt fair

Yet you care

You are a dove

Bringing hope from up above

You are an eagle inn the sky

Spreading your wings

And flying high

Life throws so much at you

But you never give up

You never give in

The temptation may be overwhelming

But you never drown

You may frown

But you never let that bring you down

You pray

You hope

You love

You care

You are strong

You are loved

You are respected

You are like a flare

Always there to cheer

And brighten our dark lives

You are our hope

You are our joy

Because you are a great boy

No words

Can describe your strength

No words can describe you

No words can summerize

How much I love you

We faced our fears together

Shed out tears

Shared our laughter

You may be on the edge

But i won't let you keel over the ledge

Never give up

Never succummb

You hold my hand

I  will hold yours

Together we shall get up from this bottomless floor

God will never let you down

I'll never leave you

Would you?

This ish a poem for my darling angels and sunshines

Ky(mr.Cookie), Ryan(MY Rebel),Axel (Axy bear),Dawn (JD),My lovely Jannat

and everyonelse i love and going thru a rough patch


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