Trace - Author's Note and Copyright (plus other bits and pieces)

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🌹a little message🌹

If you're reading this, then please immediately realise how thankful I am that you landed in this book. That's all. Thank you. Really.


This is purely a work of fiction. As far as I know, there aren't any historical references related to this book, but I do apologise if you have stumbled upon a similar concept before and muddle your brain about it. Let's chill and not take anything too seriously, please.

I am ashamed to confess it, but there isn't a particular 'era' or time frame this book is set in even though the way people speak isn't something you hear around today. It's definitely not set in a time where there was any sort of technology. Again, please don't get befuddled. (Flaunting that vocabulary, am I right or am I right?)😏💪

⬆Ugh, why do I even exist? Is that also a warning or what? Ok, I'll stop.

This isn't a fantasy story. Just thought I'd put it out there.

The characters, how I describe them, don't really make them distinguishable by religion or anything similar. I didn't want any of those differences here because I thought it makes things more complicated than it should be. Differences are only described through the title of royalty, place of birth (ethnic background) or biological value. Does that even make sense? 😭

The story is rated mature. So, ahem, there'll be a lot of sexy times. Don't smile like that.

There will also be chapters that could strike the wrong chord in someone, as it could be triggering. Please be aware.

And lastly, I cannot promise happy endings. Sorry. Not. 😎


Copyright - © all rights reserved 2019 Oceana Camerons

This book may not be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted without the confirmed consent or permission of the owner/author.

Let's not steal. We'll all be a happy family.

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