Chapter 21 - Forever

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She wakes up the next morning, in bed, in his arms. He is still sleeping and she writes words of love on his chest with her finger. A smile starts to form on his lips and Jo leans over to kiss him. He opens his eyes slowly and says: "Morning, beautiful. Are you alright?" She sits up and smiles, while stretching out, drawing his attention to her chest. He moans softly and she laughs. "I feel great. We should have done that sooner. She gets up and bends over to pet Canelle, making Dart moan again. He covers his head with her pillow and she walks out of the bedroom to take a shower. She washes, shaves and takes extra care of her hair, braiding it tight. She just started rubbing body lotion on her skin, when Dart appears in the door opening. He mumbles: "Oh God. I thought I waited long enough to come in here safely." He stares at her for a second as she suggestively rubs the lotion on her breasts, but he snaps out of it and quickly turns around and walks over to the kitchen to make coffee. Jo laughs as she sees him run away. When she is done, she walks back towards the bedroom, swaying her hips. Dart stares at her with a crooked smile, gathering all his strength to stop himself from devouring her.

In the bedroom she thinks about her underwear and decides to wear the red lace body stocking and take some extra choices with her, to wear the right underwear for the dress Diana will give her. She puts on jeans and a white blouse on it. Army boots under it and then decides she will pack the red stilettos too. She walks out of the bedroom to ask Dart if they will take one suitcase with them. Dart jumps up and says: "Just put the stuff you want to take on the bed, I will pack it in my suitcase for you." Jo looks at him, thinking she must have teased him to much and says: "Okay. I will put it all there. But first coffee."

Dart starts to panic. Where is he going to hide the ring now? He looks at the floor and sees his black leather dress shoes and quickly takes the ring box from the suitcase and shoves it into his shoe. He carries the shoes and the suitcase over to the bedroom and packs the shoes first. Covering it with his clothes. He then adds Jo's stilettos and what looks like all the lingerie she owns. He looks over to the kitchen and sees Jo talking to the cats and sipping her coffee. Dart takes out his phone and texts Jake: Asking her to marry me tonight, live, if you know what I mean. Both the campaigns will explode tonight and tomorrow. Taking her to a hotel, before and after the talkshow.

He walks over to the kitchen and pours himself a cup of coffee, leaning against the counter and looking at Jo who is talking to Minous. The cat is looking at her with her head tilted, like she is seriously listening to what Jo is telling her. Dart smiles and says: "You two look cute together." Jo turns to him and asks him if he is all packed. He nods and she goes over to the bathroom to fill her toiletry bag. She walks into the bedroom and opens the suitcase and puts it on top her stilettos, zipping the suitcase closed again. Dart comes rushing in and hugs her from behind, peeking over her shoulder to see if she saw anything. But she seems calm. She turns around and hugs him, softly kissing his neck.

She takes a step back and asks him: "Does Jake know about everything?" Dart nods and says: "He knows it all. Texted him. Do you want to go to the hotel soon?" "Yes, I would love to rest a bit. Starting to get nervous already." Dart calls a taxi and fills the bowls of the cats, before sitting on the steps with Jo to wait. He puts and arm around her waist and she puts her head on his shoulder.

In the back of the taxi, Jo snuggles up to Dart and closes her eyes. He strokes her hair, looking out of the window. When they arrive at the hotel, he kisses her awake. He pays the taxi driver and takes the suitcase from the trunk. He opens the door to Jo's side and holds his hand out to her. She takes his hand and gets out of the taxi, a bit unsteady on her feet. Dart wraps his arm around her to help her and walks over to the entrance of the hotel. He tells her to sit down in one of the chairs in the lobby and he goes over to reception to check in. When he comes back to Jo, he sees she is asleep again. He kneels in front of her and pulls her into his arms, she automatically wraps her arms and legs around him. He grabs the suitcase and gets up slowly, holding her close, as he walks over to the elevator. He gets in and pushes the button for the top floor. He leans against the wall and strokes her back. She mumbles something he doesn't understand and clings to him. When the door of the elevator opens, he leans down to get the suitcase and walks out towards the penthouse suite. He gets the key card from his pocket and pushes the door open, pushing the suitcase against it to keep it open. He walks in and lays Jo down on the large sofa, she whines softly as he lets go of her to get the suitcase and closes the door. He sits down at the other end of the sofa and takes out his phone to read the message Jake sent him: For real? On live television? That is a bold move man! Good for you! I will record everything and buy everything I can get my hands on.

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