The Rose

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Sitting in my garden since the early morning

Surrounded by the cold breeze and the faint lightening

I tried but in vain to shake off the thought of you

Trying not to imagine if I had been in your night dream too

It wasn't even four o'clock yet

But the moon and the sun had already in the sky met

And I didn't even know why I wasn't in my bed

Maybe because I couldn't get you out of my head

Seated on the old lonely creaking swing set

Long dark hair curling and still wet

I stared in the distance and closed my eyes briefly

Lost among the still sleeping trees and flowers around me

Everything was grey, everything was colorless

Everything seemed so sad, so hopeless

And somehow I knew I would be a liar and a fool

If I denied the fact that this view reflected my soul

But then a glimpse of color caught my attention

A sparkle in the middle of this lifeless dimension

It was a rose, a beautiful red rose

Unique, magnificent, its petals still closed

The rose was there, its beauty breathtaking

Unreachable and surrounded by wild thorns pointing

Flawless, enchanting, seeming almost unreal

A rose the color of blood, born out of a dream

Looking intently at that miraculous flower for a while

I realized that once again you were on my mind

And without even sensing or further thinking

I was on my feet, walking toward it, reaching

Standing in front of it, inches from my face

Its sweet and delicate scent having already filled the space

I extended my arm but the cruel and deadly thorns

Cut into my skin and the blood immediately rose

With no expectations and with shocking realization

I felt the tears run down and along my face

And without doubt, without hesitation

I knew for sure the crying wasn't because of the temptation

And what I thought then might sound insane

For I wasn't the one speaking, but my long held pain

However not the pain of the stinging cut I just got

But the pain that you planted in my heart

And which the years have watered for so long

You were the rose in the lifeless garden of my existence

In this sunless and dark place you had made your appearance

You had given color to my sad and desperate soul

And so much meaning to my life and so much more

But I hadn't known that so much beauty

Would destroy my whole being, would destroy me

For you are in my heart and forever you will be

But never and ever will you truly belong to me.


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