Part 35

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In a big school building, there was a room where the PVAS (President, Vice President, Assistant, Secretary) were planning for the upcoming events.

There was a big table in the center of the room and 4 chairs in different directions.

A young girl who was lazily sitting on the chair, listening to the other person explaining the future events.

"So, we have to plan the upcoming prom, coming in 5 months?" I asked, already tired of this conversation.

"Yep! And in those five months, we can get the plannings and the designs done!" Ruka said, determined.

I hummed as I looked at the floor.

"That sounds...a lot." Sota, the assitant, scratched his head and yawned.

Yeah. I agree.

"There's a lot of designs to choose from and they're all good. And we all have different styles and opinions of the ones we should use. What should we do?" Ruka explained.

I look at the table to see the designs. Well, there is a lot and many people have different styles and opinions. I done this many times. Then, how about this?

"Well, why don't we let the students decide? Just announce what the event is and the designs and then put all the designs out with a box and students can vote. The most votes is the chosen one."

I explained as I lean forward and planted my face into my arms on the table.

I could hear the shock on their faces except Zen who just stayed silent the whole conversation.

Is it weird that I said I can hear and not see? Not the point!

"Wow! That's actually smart! Why didn't I think of that?" Ruka gushed as she clapped her hands together.

"Well, that's agreeable and understandable. I have no objection." Sota said as he laid on his chair.

That just leaves Zen who was dead silent.

We stare at Zen, waiting for his agreement.

"Okay, we'll do that. Then that's the end of our discussion. Dismiss." Zen said in his serious tone and got up and left.

Everyone was silent until Zen left the room.

"Well, there goes him. I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Ruka said, packing her stuff.

"Yeah." Sota nodded.

I kept silent and left after picking up a few books.

Well, say good bye to see you tomorrow because I'm not going to be there! I'm going to be at the party with Nicky!!!

Also, just found out that Zen was also going but...

Who cares right? Right!?

What we need to care is about the food over there! Just imagine your favorite food just sitting on the plate, asking you to eat it!

Aaaah! I'm hungry just thinking about that!!

Suddenly Zen appeared right next to me which made my hands flip and the books in my hands, flee away from me.

No! My precious novels!!!

I picked the books up one by one. On the last book, I went to grab it but Zen grabbed it first!

He looked at it with interests as he saw me looking at him with shock.


I reach for it but failed.

"A romance novel? Interesting." He murmured loudly for me to hear.

No, don't tell me he's going to..!

He opened a random page and his eyes widen and looked at me.

Hey! Don't judge me!

"Ahem. 'He came closer and before I could even escape, he trapped me between his arms and kissed me forcefully. His tongue traveled into mine—"


I finally took the book out of his hands but the redness across my face could not be concealed.

He placed both of his hands into his pockets and looked at me with a smirk.

"That's the kind of books you read?" He asks me with a playful smirk.

I ignored him and walked away from him.

I hear footsteps behind me.

"I'll take you home." He volunteered.

I frown.

"No. I can-"

"I'll take you." He insisted and wrapped his hands around my hand and took the lead to his car.

His hands were warm.

He opened the door for me while I went inside and mumbled a 'thank you.'

He went inside and drove away to my home. Very silent. Very peaceful.

Sometimes I wonder if Zen is even breathing?

The redness on my face seem to disappeared.

I don't know why but every time or sometimes when I'm with Zen, my heart beats and my face turns bright red.

We arrived at my home and bid friendly goodbyes.

Luckily, Riya wasn't here but went shopping with her friends. A few days earlier, father gave them access to the Vangelia Account.

So yeah.

I sat in my bed. Did some business. Walked around the house. Ate some food. Took a bath. And slept like a log.


I am sorry for not uploading for some time! I need to make ideas! And school is coming for me. But I'll try to upload! Thank you for reading this!

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