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Cadell's Journal- Entry 5                                                            16/06/2034

I'm sorry.

It was a bad time to be a criminal in London that night

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It was a bad time to be a criminal in London that night.

A very bad time.

The costumed vigilante followed murky blood trails all over the city, pushing his agility to the very limits. He climbed walls, dashed up flights of stairs, scaled-down buildings and flipped from rooftop to rooftop. He gladly parkoured for miles on end until he reached unfortunate targets to cleanse.

Occasionally, Elijah would tell Cadell to slow down but his advice was ignored. There were too many crimes to cleanse for him to "slow down." Potential victims didn't exactly have all the time in the world.

But then again, maybe riding on top of that bus was overkill.

By midnight, Cadell had already racked up a total of 70 crimes cleansed, ranging from theft to assault to rape.

He hung from a pole of a tall street light.

"You stopped," Elijah mumbled through Cadell's earpiece.


"You haven't stopped once for five hours straight so... I don't know, it just seemed worth mentioning."

"There's no trail to follow."

"I see."

"MI0 really did us dirty," Elijah said. "How did Sara take the news?"

"Not good. Good luck with avoiding her at school. That's all I'll say."

"Oh, boy."


"I saw Sara's fight if you were wondering. She told me not to tell you, but goddamn, she really stood up for you. The fight was wild. She just came out of nowhere swinging madly. Laid out two of them instantly like, bap, bap!"

"And you didn't help her because..."

"Teachers were already flocking around her, and I didn't want to get suspended."

"She got suspended?"

"Yeah man."

Five minutes of silence passed. A car hummed by. "What makes a good person?" Cadell asked.

"Good question," Elijah said. "There's no objective answer, so I can only tell you what I think. To me, it's someone who acts on their will to be a better person. When noticing their problems, they don't ignore it. Instead of running away from their demons, which will inevitably catch up to them one day, they turn around and face them head-on."

"Do you think I'm a good person?" Cadell asked, already knowing the answer.

Elijah sighed deeply. "Would my answer mean anything to you?"

Cadell slid down the street light. "No."

A thunderous boom sounded in the distance.

"What was that?" Elijah asked.

"No clue," Cadell said. "I'll go check it... Holy moly."

He didn't need to. A second smaller boom sounded, and a person soared high up into the crimson sky.

Cadell zoomed in on the target. "Um, you seeing this?"

"Holy moly," Elijah said.

A boy, with facial features strikingly similar to Cadell, waved. He wore a tattered T-shirt and boxer shorts, and his eyes glowed a muddy purple."

"Psycho! Big bro! It's meeeee!" The boy shouted.

Um. Cadell thought, completely baffled. What?

"Oh no!" The boy shouted calmly. "This is gonna hurt like a bitch!"

Cadell would have set down a portal but, in all honesty, he was too stunned to move.

Purple eyes? Big bro? This couldn't be happeni—


"Holy shit!" Elijah yelled. He cursed further, and Cadell didn't blame him.

The boy's body sprawled on the roof of a parked car. He rolled onto two feet and chuckled. "Shit. That never gets old."

Ignoring Elijah's continued swears, Cadell approached the boy who was showered in broken glass and blood. "Are you good?"

"Ah, don't worry about it. You can't heal yourself too?"

Cadell's heart raced. "No. Who are you?"

The boy grinned. "I'm your biological brother obviously."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"No way!" Cadell shouted.

"Yes way! The boy shouted back.

Cadell created a portal on the ground.

"What the hell is that?" The boy asked.

"You can see this?" Cadell cried jubilantly. "Brother!"

The boy punched the air. "Brother!" He walked towards Cadell, arms stretched for a hug but suddenly fell through the ground.

"Yeah," Cadell said. "That's a portal."

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