Chapter 15: Now

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September 2013
"Don't you dare come close to me" She warned
a step backwards and turned to her heels running off. She didn't go far when she felt herself being picked up by his sturdy hands and instantly dropped in the pool making her to squeal like a mouse.

He dipped his feet inside grinning as she swam close to him trying to drag him in but failed because his hold on the railing was strong.

"This is not fair! You have to come inside too" She whined protesting how he threw her inside the pool against her will calling it manipulative "How about we make a deal?" Hayaat suggested and he agreed to hear her out.

"You can get anything you want if you come in"

He kept quiet thinking for a while "Deal" in less than a minute he was diving in the water showcasing his talents while Hayaat just moved back and forth.

They went out of the pool dripping water all over the floor as they went inside to change out of their drenched clothes.

Hayaat battles with removing her clothes while He changes into a jalabiya because he was staying at home through out.

"Need any help" He unzipped the clothe slowly and she muttered a thank you before holding it to her chest and entered the bathroom to take a shower.

She came out after taking a quick bath and found him sitting down on the couch against the wall using his phone.

When He saw Hayaat, her casual beauty, Draped In a towel, it's like He had just been switched on, as if all this time he was a machine not fully powered up. As he watched her smile grow and the way she moves across the tiled floor, He knows he wants her .

From the look on his face she knows what he was offering as He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up close against his chest. She pauses, not to refuse, but to savour the moment before they begin.

In that split second before his touch, every nerve in her body and brain is electrified. It's the anticipation of being together in a way more than words, in a way that's so completely tangible.

"You absolutely Sure Hayaat?"

She smiled knowing it was now or never "Yes" He kissed her and her heart skipped three beats. Her stomach fluttered and She threw her thoughts out of her head.

"I am ready" She thought assuring herself.She  gently leans in and kisses his warms lips.

They laid next to each other until they caught their breaths "I love you" He whispered biting on her earlobes "And i will always love you"

That was the only assurance she needed as she became his completely.

For the past few days, Hayaat and Hamma's Relationship has bloomed so much that she wasn't looking forward to the next day knowing she has to go back to school.

His wife was coming back today and since it was her day, Hayaat had no option but to resist the urge to seduce him to herself.

She knows she is  being selfish but who wouldn't want her husband close to her especially now that she is actually in love in love?

Hamma has nothing much romantic and sweet and Hayaat knew that was his way of apologizing over and over again.

"Jaan" He left another hickey on her neck when he kissed her and she growled not because she didn't like it but because she has to hide it another one.

He wrapped his arms around her in a moment and She lets her head rest upon his chest "Stop it, It's time to go and pick up your wife you know. Go before her family says I am stopping you" She said focusing on the movie she was trying to watch.

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